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Bye Bye, Dirty

Julie welcomes us back, reminding us Kevin holds all the power, but he knows this decision could cost him the game. We flash back to Kevin talking to Jordan and Michele, when Natalie hears them and realizes the game is over. She comes out and asks who won. He says he did, and she runs into the HoH room, maybe to conceal her excitement? She DRs that him winning was great. She brings him a drink, and DRs that she and Kevin both want Michele out. Michele's worried they're still together and now she'll probably go home. Jordan goes to the pool room, upset that she got something wrong. Or maybe upset that she didn't do anything right. Michele comes in and hugs her. She cries. They are both disappointed in themselves. Michele says Kevin and Natalie are still a team, and Jordan wants to throw up. Kevin and Natalie jump up and down and hug in the HoH. She's like, "Kevin! We're going to final two." She says she'll take the blood for Michele, since he took the blood for Jeff, to even it out and be fair. Whatever. He has the only vote.

Kevin DRs that he can't beat her in the final two, so he is just stringing her along until he thinks of how he can win. He asks her if she's taking Jordan to the final two, and she says she isn't. Later, Michele and Kevin are outside, and she asks if he and Natalie are still together or not. She says she can't get a read or figure out if they're just trying to throw her off or what. Michele tells Kevin that she knows he doesn't trust her, but if he takes her to the final three, if she wins, she will take him to final two. He nods. She says she doesn't want Natalie in the final two, or to win this game, so he should bring her. He says he knows, and he's not playing for second. He says, "So much to think about." But how is there much to think about, when he knows he can beat Michele, but not Jordan or Natalie.

Jordan and Natalie are by the pool, and Jordan's stressing that she's leaving. Natalie tells her she's 100 percent safe, that it's not a question, because Kevin's "for sure" getting Michele out. Michele DRs that she has to continue to work Kevin. She meets him on the hammock and asks him if he's still trying to figure stuff out. He says he is. She tells him if he doesn't want to take Natalie, it's obviously best for him to go up against her, right? He says "for sure," and I think he knows that he has to keep her to win. She also tells him he's not getting her vote if he doesn't take her now, and he'll need all the votes he can get to win against Natalie. Michele says Jordan probably loves them talking, and he points out Jordan should probably talk to him, too. Jordan's eating ice cream in the kitchen. Kevin says he's open to all options, but has to think more about it. He DRs that he doesn't know if Michele's a better option than Jordan.

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