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Bye Bye, Dirty

Julie's back with Natalie in the HoH room. She tells her no one can hear her, so she can speak her mind. Julie reminds Natalie (who's in a backwards ball cap and hooded sweatshirt over a sports T-shirt of some type) that she has made a lot of deals and asks who she's loyal to. Natalie is, of course, loyal to Kevin. She says all of the other alliances are just part of the game. Julie asks if the lie that she's 18 has helped her or hurt her in the game. Natalie says it's helped her, because everyone thinks she's gullible and immature, and it got her this far. Julie sends us back to commercial before we come back for Kevin to use the veto. Did you know he has all the power?

We're back for the live veto meeting and Kevin's vote. Julie tells Kevin he may use the veto to save himself or Michele, or keep the nominations as they are. He says he's made difficult decisions, and will have to again momentarily, but using the veto on himself is not difficult. Jordan takes the seat next to Michele. Julie reminds them they've been in the house for 66 days and now have a chance to address Kevin before he casts the vote to evict. Jordan reminds him they spoke earlier and said she was safe, and she hopes he means that. She thinks they've played a similar game in that they haven't lied a lot. She hopes he'll keep her. Michele, who's wearing devil horns, tells him that the jury house sees her as a villain, a rat, a devil, so if she went to the final two, he'd be guaranteed first place, because she doesn't stand a chance at winning. She says it's in his hands, but she can either raise hell against him in the jury or raise hell with him in these final HoH competitions. She thanks him, and will respect any decision. She says it's been great with everyone there and thanks them. It's awkward, but perhaps the most eloquent she's ever been. Kevin stands and says the decision was difficult and he made up his mind 30 minutes ago. He has to vote to evict Michele. She hugs everyone and says "May the best woman... I mean, player win." I would just like to add: "As long as it's not Natalie." Jordan and Kevin final two, please, but really? Who cares? Worst final three ever.

Inside, the houseguests watch Michele's picture go gray and Kevin (gutless) points out the slip Michele made, intentionally a dig at him. And, dude, why not? She was the guy's best and possibly only chance to win. Natalie: "The devil is gone!" BITCH. Outside, Julie asks why Michele thinks Kevin decided to evict her. She says that he decided Michele was the better player, and her dirty game (what is dirty about Michele's game? Anyone?) was strategy, and he couldn't count on the grudges to win. Julie asks if he made the right decision for himself. Michele doesn't know, but she thinks the jury house took things personally. Julie wants to go back to when Jeff decided to take Russell down and everything started to unravel for her side of the house. Julie asks if that was a bad decision on Jeff's part, and Michele answers with a resounding yes, saying that Jeff didn't trust her enough at that point to believe it was a bad move on his part. She's more eloquent than she's ever been here. Not socially awkward with Julie. Maybe she is only socially awkward with idiots?

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