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Memphis and Jerry hang out on the back porch later, with Jerry talking shamelessly about his kids' needs. Jerry suggests that everyone in the jury house has expressed plans to vote for a woman in the finals, so maybe Keesha should be the one to go. Either he's lying or he's desperate, but I'm not ruling out both.

Jerry, Memphis, and Keesha hang out on the porch watching a spider spin a web above their heads. This would be Ted, the only pet they have. Memphis decides to help the spider out by finding a moth to toss in the web. Keesha protests at the moth's death, but when Memphis tosses it at the web, it's already dead so the spider's got no interest. As Dan comes out, Memphis tries again, this time taking care to keep the second moth alive. In the DR, Dan warns us to avert our eyes if we have a weak stomach (he's making this too easy, saying that on camera without a shirt on). And when Memphis tosses the live moth in there, the spider sprints down to it and wraps herself around it, setting the whole web vibrating while something that looks like wisps of smoke pours off of both tiny bodies. It's the most compelling thing we've seen all season.

Time for Dan's HoH room tour, and the editors have a little fun by showing nobody in the house when he announces the invitation. Crickets and everything. Once he finds them on the porch and leads them upstairs, Jerry diplomatically points to how fat Dan looks in a graduation picture (Dan doesn't). Dan reads his HoH letter to the houseguests, which has some love for them as well. "Even Jerry, dot dot dot," it says. Yeah, that's being charitable.

While the houseguests sleep, things have gotten a little surreal in the back yard. There's a giant plaster ear, a tub of mud, a giant hot dog, a gorilla suit, and a contortionist in a rubber leotard, among other things. It's like a Magritte painting come to life, if Magritte had no sense of composition, theme, or shame. After a moment the gorilla suit comes alive and enters the house, going straight to the DR. It sits down in front of the camera and says they'll be surprised to see him back in the house. Pulling off the mask, Jessie says, "I mean, who else can fill out this suit?" Besides all the stuff in my freezer, he means? He puts the mask back on and heads out into the house.

And this is the moment they pick to stick in a notice looking for applicants for the next season. No thank you.

Memphis and Keesha wake up to a capering idiot in a gorilla suit screaming at them. Jerry already seems to be awake when the gorilla comes in and just drops his "I served with pride" hat on the floor. Dan is awakened by hammering on his door. And as Jessie leads the bleary-eyed houseguests to the back door, Memphis deadpans in the DR, "Why wouldn't you follow a strange gorilla running around your house?"

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