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At Sevens and Eights

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At Sevens and Eights

"Natalie is crazy," Joshuah DRs, reminding us that Natalie's theories change at a whim. You'll recall that last week it was all about eights, and now it's all about sevens, and who knows what it's going to be next week. Please, Joshuah, I'm just trying to get through this one week at a time.

While Natalie packs up to move into the HoH room, thanking God in a whisper the whole time, James comes in to ask if she plans to put him up. She says something about not being sure she can trust him (note to Natalie: you can't), and getting screwed again, and she acts like she doesn't know what she's going to do. Sure she doesn't.

Natalie shows everyone her new HoH room, which Josh makes a couple of quietly bitchy comments about. She reads the letter from her family, crying happily. This prompts Sheila to have her own weepfest in the DR about how much she misses her son. Did she think she would get to bring him along? Now Natalie is all inspired and shit.

As Head of Household, Natalie is allowed to make people do what she wants, and in this case it's making everyone play hide and seek with her. She hides in a tub of laundry, but is easily found because of her knee sticking out. Then she wants to play again, and scares the bejeezus (and a satisfying girly scream) out of Josh when he finds her crammed into a cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Sharon, Sheila, and Natalie all invite Joshuah to sit down with them and tell them his coming out to his parents story. It's not very movie-of-the week at all; basically Joshuah told his mom at age eighteen in what amounted to an argument about going to a party, and then his mom told his dad later, but they both seem pretty cool about it. Sheila approves, and says that she'll love her son unconditionally, including if he was born gay. Which I support her doing, and have no reason to doubt, at least until the next time she gets pissed off about something.

Later that night, Sharon and Joshuah agree that James has to go, because he'll turn on Joshuah. Sharon seems to be in pretty good shape, but even so, Josh is kind of a big guy for her to be carrying in this game.

James pays Natalie a visit in the HoH room, warning her that if she puts him up, his alliance will come after her. That would be the alliance that is currently planning James's ouster outside at this very moment. Natalie buys it, though, and says she feels like the "outcast" in her own group. Natalie wants to trust James not to nominate her, but since he got rid of Matt, she's worried about it. James points out that Natalie got rid of Chelsia, so they're even. And so they agree to enter a secret alliance to go to the final two. After he leaves, Natalie sits in the empty HoH room and asks God and Big Brother what she should do. No answer appears to be forthcoming, from either one.

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