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Burying the Hatchet, if Hatchet=Lawon

They're both north of 290 when we come back, and Jeff steals the lead at 291. They finish the game in splitscreen mode, and Jeff edges out Adam by 300-298. Wow, Adam was so close to being a factor in the season there for a second. Jeff DRs in the third person about how he's coming after Kalia, and he's pretty happy about his victory. Looking like she was just wheeled into the DR from the recovery room, Rachel says that now she has to "work with Kalia," like that's going to happen, and she has to rely on the twist. Kalia's glad Rachel lost, but isn't looking forward to making another enemy with her replacement nomination. She's clearly forgotten that Jordan is kind of a preexisting enemy.

Now Jordan has to head into the Have-Not room with Rachel and listen to her defeatist whining some more. Jeff comes in and lies to Rachel that she isn't going anywhere, while in the DR he says his five-year-old niece is a better loser than Rachel is. However, he explains that it's nice to have a bigger target than himself around. After Rachel leaves the room, Jeff and Jordan talk about the possibility of Jordan going up as the replacement nominee, and aren't too excited about it.

But then they head up to the HoH room so Kalia can explain that this was her plan all along. Jeff's not receptive, saying Kalia made her move, and he's still pissed because he's convinced that if Rachel had won he'd be going home now. Kalia admits it was a risk, but says she didn't expect Jeff to be as mad as he was. She admits that she didn't see it from his perspective, which is a nice, humble thing to say, but then says she was thinking more big-picture. "What's your picture look like now?" Jeff asks. She babbles and says that all she can do is not put Jordan up as the replacement nominee to make things better. Jeff doesn't seem convinced, but tells her to do what she needs to do.

Adam's turning 40, and he's shaving off his beard for the occasion. He looks like a chubby Bob Newhart without it, but Lawon declares him "handsomified."

Rachel has a convo with Kalia, offering to be on her side, saying that she can bring Jeff and Jordan with her. Kalia basically says Rachel doesn't have the votes to stay, but Rachel thinks the right person on the block next to her can save her. Rachel won't go so far as to say she won't target Daniele, and reminds Kalia that she could come back after being evicted and come after Kalia. Kalia sounds in the DR like she's actually considering it, either because someone told her to or she's just tired of people being mad at her.

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