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Burying the Hatchet, if Hatchet=Lawon

Kalia reports this to Daniele, in a scene that's punctuated with Kalia saying she needs to play on her own without Daniele. Obviously Daniele doesn't love the idea, and Kalia decides it's time for a breakup speech. Which stops short of the two of them actually breaking up, but just barely. Kalia's thinking in terms of getting the targets off their backs, and Daniele's thinking in terms of getting the hell out of this room before she screams something she'll regret at the HoH on the eve of the Veto Ceremony.

Later, Kalia is musing aloud on the twist to Daniele, Lawon, and Porsche, and how she thinks it could bite her in the ass. Lawon offers to go up, which is the biggest move he's made in the game so far. That way, after Rachel leaves, the replacement nominee doesn't come back off the block pissed at Kalia. Also, he thinks if he gets evicted he might come back with "special powers," like he's Gandalf or something. Daniele loves the idea, because she figures this way she can make a deal with Rachel and hopefully see Lawon come right back into the house after his eviction. Which, Lawon is actually asking to be evicted. Daniele lays it out for Kalia after Lawon and Porsche leave the room: "We're all still after Rachel, we do it again, and if he doesn't come back...whoopsie!" Heh. Poor Lawon. Kalia thinks this is the key to everyone liking her again. Well, that might be going a bit far.

Speaking of the twist, America's Vote is about which of the first four evicted houseguests -- Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon -- will come back to compete against the next evictee to return to the game. I'm just glad none of them is Dick.

Veto time. Jeff DRs he wants Kalia to "be stupid enough to put up one of her own." Kalia DRs that evicting Lawon will win over three of her enemies. Lawon promises the performance of Big Brother history after he's named as the replacement nominee. Rachel just hopes Kalia thought about the deal she offered so she can stay. Jeff calls the Veto meeting.

Jeff obviously uses the PoV on himself, and tells Kalia it's time for her to make a replacement nominee. She goes to the front of the room to make a speech about tough decisions before nominating Lawon. Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan do look pretty happy as Lawon slowly gets up and sits next to Rachel, pretending to look sad.

Kalia repeats in the DR how this is win-win for her: "If Rachel leaves and comes back, she's not pissed at me. If Lawon goes, I'm not really losing that much of a threat in the game, but gaining Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan? Sorry, Lawon, it might be sayonara." She's clearly not aware of one possible scenario, which is that America votes for Brendon to have a chance to come back, and he wipes the floor with Lawon (as he inevitably would) and then Brendon and Rachel are back in the house together. Jeff DRs that Kalia is an idiot, like there's anything she could do at this point that would win him over, adding that they have the votes in the house to keep Rachel. Lawon brags that he expects the twist to bring him back, "More powerful than ever. How you like me now?" Good luck with that, Obi-Wan. How powerful would Lawon have to be in order to be more powerful than ever, though? Not very, I'm thinking. Rachel is so happy in the DR that she actually brushed her hair and put on actual clothes to exult about her second chance to stay. And if Lawon thinks a lot of quiet pouting is the performance of Big Brother history, he hasn't been watching very long. The one time he dials it back.

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