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The one where Hardy wins Head of Household!

More futzing from Krista about whom she ought to nominate. God, let’s just get to it. Chill Town begins to think that they’re doomed, and they start kissing everyone else’s asses, extraordinarily ineffectually.

Big Blue Chair of The Ladies Love Cool Hardy. "[Chill Town] decided to change gears and sort of, well, yeah, start sucking up to the people that they shunned before, because they need votes," he says, and wrinkles his nose in disgust.

Mike sits on the patio and awkwardly compliments Nicole on having won people over in the house, thereby escaping eviction. Nicole doesn’t even look at him.

Big Blue Chair of the Revenge Bitch. "There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing Chill Town could do to make things all right with me," Nicole says.

Shannon marches outside and announces to the Non-Chill Towners assembled on the patio that she wants all them to know that she doesn’t think she’s better than anyone. She just says it like that, flat out. There’s no response. Seriously -- she’s met with dead silence. Shannon cues up the fake bawling again. Honey, save it for the next time you get pulled over for speeding, although, honestly, I think flashing your cleavage might be more effective. "I just thought I’d tell you guys that," she sobs dryly. "That I’m not better than anybody else. And if anybody wants to do anything, always ask me for help with anything." Because, although she’s not better than anyone, she still knows how to do everything better than they do. "Do you think you’d be having this conversation if Sheryl were still here?" Bunky asks. For some reason, he’s wearing a cape made from a blue bedspread and juggling. Shannon tells him that she would be. He rolls his eyes and starts juggling again. Complete silence falls over the group.

Big Blue Chair of Maybe Bunky Is In Training To Join The Circus. "Shannon is so phony," Bunky spits.

Krista and Monica loll around in the HoH room and talk some more about the vote. Krista still doesn’t know what to do, she says. Monica tells her that if she nominates Hardy and Autumn, "her ass will be out next." Krista looks like she’s thinking about this, but she might be thinking about Dr Pepper.

Nicole’s sitting in the Big Blue Chair of I Really Can’t Think Of Anything Clever For This One. She comments that she thinks Krista is "play[ing] the fence," and hypothesizes that "it’s the smartest way to play [the game]."

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