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Tense moment with a red-faced Jordan and Porsche going wordlessly though a bedroom that has Daniele in it, until Daniele offers Jordan assurances that she isn't going after Jeff and Jordan this week. Not that Jordan believes her at all.

She does go right to Jeff to report this to him, and he cheers her up in her new Have-Not room about how he likes being the underdog. Which certainly worked out well for them on their last three legs of The Amazing Race. Rachel and the other new veteran Have-Not join them in there, and as Jeff heads out to shower, they agree that Daniele's going to after one of them this week, but isn't going to be able to last past next week. I hate when they're right.

Tie for Daniele to show off her HoH room, which Brendon compares to "Having your ex-girlfriend ask you to come over and check out her new apartment." Except in this case, Brendon misses the place and hates the person. Jeff compares it to being on death row, but with the executioner inviting you to a dinner party beforehand. Daniele bestows the HoH robe on Lawon for some reason, while he DRs that he's got the style for it. It's a pretty dead room other than that, so much so that the editors add crickets. I feel like it's time for a new sound effect that indicates how played crickets are. Meta-crickets?

Out in the backyard, Shelly and Jordan discuss Lawon sexual orientation with him, which I think is the first time it's has been specifically discussed on the air. He talks about coming out to his grandmother, who was supportive and the opposite of surprised. Jordan talks about how accepting she would be if she had a gay kid, like here's your medal, Red State, and Lawon waxes inspirational about playing this game for the gays.

Moment over. Next morning, Jeff and Jordan pay Daniele what looks like a serious visit. Jeff says Daniele never talked to him, so she didn't know where she was. Probably should have been a red flag right there, Jeff. Daniele says it wasn't personal, but Jeff is still taking it that way. Daniele tries to apologize, smoothing things over, offering to keep them safe this week if they'll do the same for her next week after she's out of the HoH room. Jeff leaves with word of appreciation for the offer. "Whether it happens, we'll see," he can't resist adding.

Speaking of shitty deals with untrustworthy people, here's a CBS special report about the debt ceiling deal. Don't get me started.

Adam is called into the DR and emerges for a lap through the house in his new elf costume. As Porsche says, he looks better in it than he would have in a unitard.

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