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In the first round, they're asked to gather $100 in quarters. I find myself wishing Jordan had been chosen to play this game, only because I'm curious to see how many quarters she thinks are in a dollar. Everyone runs to the quarter pile, which is also being augmented by quarters dropping from above as the round goes on. A moment later everyone's squatting on the ground, counting as fast as they can. At the end of the round, when the money's counted up, Natalie overshot it by $460.50. Russell was only over by $79.25. Casey's in the lead with only a $61.50 overage, Laura passed it by $243.50, and Ronnie eyeballed himself to a $507.75 difference. Michele DRs about what she thinks are Ronnie's shitty competition-throwing skills, when in fact Ronnie just fucked up. It's Jeff who wins the round, having gone only $12.50 over, and Ronnie's out. And embarrassed. Jeff passes up his bag and stays in the game.

For round two, they're supposed to get $75.00 in dimes. Everyone does much better this time, except Laura, who's over by almost $270 and gets her ass eliminated. Jeff wins his second round, coming in at just $5.80 over. Casey calls him. "Rain Man." Jeff passes up the bag yet again.

Round three is for $40 in nickels. After the coins are counted, Casey is eliminated, and Natalie wins and opts to pick a bag. She chooses bag number one, which is a slop pass. Polite applause.

Now it's down to just Russell and Jeff, and they each need to gather $10 in pennies. Russell comes in at $8.59, less than a dollar and a half under the mark, but Jeff wins it with $10.97, less than a dollar over. And this ain't The Price Is Right. Jeff is glad to have proven himself, and Russell puts his head down and looks defeated. Although he then blusters in the DR, "If Ronnie decides to put me up that'll be the dumbest move of his life." A) Russell doesn't explain why this is the case, and B) How many dumbest moves can Ronnie make, anyway?

But it looks like Ronnie's master plan to backdoor Russell is working out after all. Up in HoH, he has a convo with Lydia, Kevin and Chima about backdooring Russell, and warns them that if they do it, there's no going back. Because Russell's a hair-trigger who's liable to twist all their heads off if they take a run at him and miss. Then Laura joins the group, and they retreat all the way into the HoH bathroom to let her in on the plan. Which Ronnie maybe shouldn't have done without knowing what Laura would have been prepared to offer him, which is just about anything. He does extract a promise that she won't put him up if he saves her by booting Russell, with the other three as his witnesses. Laura agrees, not because she trusts Ronnie, but because she doesn't, and won't feel bound to anything she promises him. Which is also valid. Did she get brain implants after the first few days of this game?

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