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Ronnie and Chima then present the idea to Natalie, who's on board, but doesn't think Jessie will be. Ronnie sends her down to get him, as Lydia joins them. Jessie doesn't love the idea, but promises to support whatever they decide. Ronnie does a DR interview in which he says he doesn't want to look back on this week as a missed opportunity to backstab Russell before Russell backstabbed him. I don't know how he manages to refrain from bringing up Han Solo and Greedo.

Veto meeting. Jeff announces that he's using the PoV on himself, without even giving Laura a chance to make her case. Poor form. Ronnie is called upon to select a replacement nominee, as per the plan, and everything that has led up to this moment since his nominations on Sunday. Sure enough, up goes... Jordan? WTF? She gets up and sits down in the nominee chair next to Laura. So much for the Popular clique.

Jordan interviews that she was blindsided by Ronnie. Not that I was expecting this myself, but I kind of suspect that all of Jordan's sides are blind. Laura gives her latest DR interview in which she repeats for the umpteenth time everything Ronnie says is a lie, and claims, also for the umpteenth time, "Two can play at this game." Why is Ronnie the only one playing, then? In case you're like me and are wondering what's going on inside Ronnie's little round head, Ronnie explains himself to us: Jordan's on the block because everyone likes her, and that'll get Laura out of the house. "Laura definitely is a lot smarter than people give her credit [sic]. She's catching on to me." He says Jessie was right about this not being Russell's time. As for Jeff, he's feeling guilty for saving himself, now that his galpal is on the block. As for Jessie, he just wants Laura to go home. We'll see on Thursday, won't we?

And after the credits, Ronnie tells us in the DR about one more victory he gets to enjoy: "These quarters were caught in my butt-cheeks! I may have lost the competition, but I came out $1.25 richer." You think so, Ronnie? You think there's a cashier, retailer, or swap-meet vendor who will ever take another quarter from you as long as you live?

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