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Pre-veto, Enzo thinks Lane needs to replacement-nom Britney, because Brigade Uber Allies and all that. Hayden's nervous about being the pawn, saying that with only two votes for this week's eviction, some deals could be made and he could go home. Britney is also worried about Hayden and Enzo turning on her if she goes up. Nothing from Ragan, because I think we know what's going on in his head by now.

Enzo convenes the veto meeting, and vetoes himself. Lane is called upon to name a replacement nominee, and he starts with a big speech about how much it sucks to have to nominate a third person after already nominating two. And up goes Hayden. Enzo adjourns the meeting, visibly annoyed. Still keeping that alliance secret, I see. Although not as secret as Lane, who's really going above and beyond in maintaining their cover.

In the final Diary Room thoughts, Hayden is worried about being up against a desperate Ragan. Britney is happy about being Lane coming through for her and guaranteeing her a spot in the final four. Ragan speculates that there may be "fractures, divisions, cracks" in the alliance, and he's out to exploit them. And Lane DRs, "The Brigade has no clue." I'd accuse him of underestimating Enzo and Hayden, if such a thing were possible. He says he's in it for the half million, "And my best chance of that is Britney next to me." He may or may not be wrong, but if Hayden makes it through tomorrow, I think he might be sitting next to Britney earlier than he expects. Like, at next week's eviction ceremony.

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