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12:33 AM: Dustin, Jameka, and Jessica decide they should go to bed. I wonder what they will show if nothing is happening. This could be the easiest assignment ever!

12:34 AM: Dick and Eric are chatting in the kitchen while Dick dries a bowl. Dick is talking about what a great guy he is for giving Jen a slop pass because Daniele told him to. Give him his own talk show!

12:36 AM: Eric goes outside and stares at the hot tub for a while. He sits down. He pushes some buttons. He stands up. He walks around. He tries unsuccessfully to lift the cover to put it on the tub. Finally, he succeeds in putting the cover on. And I watched the whole thing.

12:38 AM: Jameka and Jessica chuckle over whether they're prejudiced because they don't like bunnies. It's only 12:38, so I'm pretty sure this really happened.

12:39 AM: Jameka and Jessica have a lengthy discussion over whether it's the 15th or the 14th.

12:41 AM: Dustin offers the opinion that if Joe were around right now, he'd be "totally worthless." Except as a source of information about gonorrhea, apparently.

12:47 AM: Seriously, we are watching people sit quietly. That's what's on. I don't know.

12:47 AM: Daniele lies face-down on a couch outside. Dick emerges with a spatula and tells Daniele she should go talk to...somebody, and then he tells Eric that Daniele is awake. Eric is still lying in the hammock, exhausted after the pool-cover incident. Eric stands up from the hammock. He walks over toward where Daniele is lying. You know, face-down. Daniele sits up so they can talk. Eric tells Daniele that making a deal with her and her dad might be "a good idea." Eric tells Daniele he "didn't come here to be a pussy," but he apologizes for his language first. He tells her that maybe he should being "going for it" with the strongest people. Eric basically tells Daniele that he thinks Zach is literally bazoo, particularly because Zach has the "retarded" belief that he's closer to Jessica than Eric is. It's so dangerous to throw around the word "retarded," especially when you've been doing the things with your hair that Eric was doing for a while.

12:52 AM: Dick and Zach are apparently setting up a game of beer pong. This seems promising, in its way.

12:54 AM: Eric is still talking, and even Daniele looks like she wishes he would get to the point, and you know that's really something to marvel at. He keeps yapping on about how he maybe should align with the strongest players and "most bad-ass people in the house," and the fact that either of these people could be considered "bad-ass" is how you know it's a world gone mad.

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