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1:02 AM: When we return from the half-hourly break, Eric is still telling Daniele the same shit he was telling her five minutes ago. This conversation is endless and meaningless. He does tell Daniele that it's pretty remarkable for her to ask for his loyalty after she and Dick spent a week excoriating and insulting him. Fair point. It is at this moment that I realize that Eric's voice sounds EXACTLY like someone I know personally and absolutely can't stand, and this is why he's given me the creeps ever since he walked in. Not even just tone of voice -- the condescending, obnoxious, know-it-all way he talks to everyone. It turns out I am personally biased against him for this reason. Shut up, "ERIC."

1:08 AM: Boring Strategypalooza continues on the main stage with Eric and Daniele.

1:11 AM: I note that Daniele looks like a grieving widow with a sort of scarf/hood thing pulled up over her head. I think she is still thinking about the horrible sight of Nick's dead body.

1:12 AM: We jump to the HoH room, where Amber is fretting over how to trust the alliance. Dustin tells her that you just have to trust the people you make your pact with. Jameka says it's like "stocks and bonds," where you have the risky ones and then you have the other ones. I truly do not know what she means by this. Are people in the alliance the stocks, or the people who buy the stocks? I wonder if she knows.

1:15 AM: Daniele tells Eric that she felt really bad about betraying Kail and then laughing in her goodbye message. Believe it or not, this becomes another thing about how hard it is to be Daniele. The MS, on Daniele: "I'm not sure how she got the high ground. Also, I'm not sure where she got a hold of tanning spray when she's been sequestered in the house for forty days."

1:17 AM: The MS: "Wow, we literally got to stare at the wall just now."

1:17 AM: Amber is lying on her back, and Dustin is straddling her. Heeeey! Af-Ter Dark! Af-Ter Dark! Af-Ter Dark! Oh, fuck, this is going nowhere.

1:19 AM: Amber discusses a conversation she was involved in, and she uses the words "I'm like" and "she's like" so often that I can't even remember who the people involved are. Unless the people involved are named "Like" and "Like."

1:20 AM: Dustin: "You can't count your chickens before you're..." He clearly doesn't know where to go with this, so he just stops talking. I'm saying truly, I watched this guy have to bail out in the middle of "don't count your chickens before they're hatched."

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