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Sixteen Is a Crowd and Then Some

Jeremy invites Nick out to the backyard for a hacky-sack session, which is of course just a pretext for strategizing. Nick speculates to Jeremy that Spencer and Howard could be good allies, unaware that those two have already made a secret alliance with Jeremy. He also mentions bringing in McCrae, probably because McCrae is HoH right now, but Jeremy just smugs in the DR about how alliances are coming right to him. Jeremy says they need a girl too, but Nick dismisses the entire gender as "floaters." Aw, and when I was thinking I might not hate Nick.

So now Nick starts sitting down one at a time with his with his other recruits -- Spencer and Howard -- and finally approaches McCrae in the HoH room. Before Nick names any names, McCrae correctly guesses the entire rest of the alliance, so he's clearly not out of the loop. Well, that, and he's got a creepy monitor in his room that allows him to keep tabs on every corner of the house. After the other three join them in the HoH room, and Nick closes the deal for their team of five. Nick says David's their only potential physical threat (so it looks like Judd's "strategy" of "throwing" the HoH competition worked), and they discuss nominating two girls against each other. But of course all this is secondary to the real business of any alliance: its name. Spencer suggests the "Moving Company" since they'll be moving people out of the house. And now I hate Spencer too.

David and Aaryn lounge on the hammock together. Aaryn asks David to keep her safe, and David's only too happy to sign on, because he is an idiot and doesn't seem to understand that an agreement generally goes two ways. Unless he just figures that his reward for doing all the work of keeping her of the block is continuing to get to look at her.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jessie tells Amanda that she's torn between Nick and Jeremy. "I'm like Bella, and it's like Edward, and..." Shut the fuck up, Jessie. She wants Amanda to scope it out for her, and Amanda DRs that it's "like being trapped with a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert." Amanda does a pretty good job of not looking completely disgusted with Jessie to her face, though. Instead, she jokingly suggests Jessie sleep with McCrae, which is her subtle way of saying, "Shut the fuck up, Jessie."

Remember how Judd "figured out" that Elissa was Rachel's sister after Candice pointed it out to him, and he was going to use the information to his advantage? Well, it's apparently time for him to launch his illustrious espionage career, as he goes up to the HoH room and blabs to McCrae. McCrae immediately sees it, and says it's going to get out soon. Cue a montage of Jessie all over the house, telling Jeremy and Aaryn about it. Aaryn passes it on to David (who needs to be reminded who Rachel was), then to Kaitlin -- who realizes she's been bitching about Rachel since day one, in front of Elissa -- and passes it on to Howard and GinaMarie. Aaryn also tells Amanda, who can't believe she didn't see it herself. Aaryn says it's not so much the crime as the cover-up. "What else is she hiding at this point?" she DRs. You might be reading a little too much into this, Aaryn. Although I have to admit I'm impressed that some of these people can read at all.

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