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Airing of Grievances

Outside, Kalia asks Rachel to bail so she can have a private convo with Jeff. After this mysterious new woman in the Rachel suit politely gets up and leaves, Kalia brings up the nominations, and "warns" Jeff that there's someone in the house who's been throwing him under the bus. Jeff figures she means Rachel, but isn't convinced. He also reminds her of the warning he gave her two weeks ago. So, basically, if she gets nominated, which she will, tough shit.

Now that there are "only" eight players left, the big table has been replaced with a smaller table. And Shelly has been replaced with a talking strip of beef jerky.

Jeff approaches Daniele in the backyard and apologizes for making her a Have-Not. He says they're good, and adds that he doesn't plan to nominate her, neither initially nor as a replacement should the Veto be used. And speaking of Vetos, he asks what she'll do if she wins the Veto. She basically says she won't win it, so as not to tip off Kalia by not using it. Daniele figures Jeff's nominees will be Kalia and Porsche, which is what Jeff wants her to think, even though he tells us he hasn't actually made up his mind yet.

Porsche makes her overture to Jeff, saying that she doesn't want to leave the house until she's won a competition. So how long is everyone supposed to wait around for that exactly? She points out that she has gotten three second-place finishes, although she leaves out her earlier remark that second place is first loser. Jeff gloats about how Porsche hasn't talked Game with him until this, Day 49. All Jeff says is, "We'll see," and passive-aggressives her about never having brought this up to him before, like a guilt-tripping grandmother.

Jeff talks to Jordan about his talk with Daniele, and her claim that she'd throw the PoV. They agree that they can't trust her, and Jeff is still considering nominating her. This comes complete with fantasizing about Daniele's wrath.

Nomination Day. Porsche thinks she'll be a nominee, and although she doesn't think she's a target, she says it's easy to go home as a pawn with only eight players left. Kalia expects to be put on the block for risking Jeff weeks ago, even after her assurances that he wasn't her target. Daniele is hoping Jeff will stick to her "deal," but Jeff says it's his big moment, so he's going to do what he's been planning to do for a while. Kind of a giveaway there.

Nomination meeting. Jordan grins at Jeff like she knows she's safe, which, okay. The first key pulled is Rachel's. Also safe are Shelly, Adam, and Jordan. Way to make her sweat, Jeff. She has a little trouble getting her key on over her dunce beanie's propeller, but she eventually manages it. The final safe person is Daniele, so Kalia and Porsche are the nominees. Jeff explains that it's down to eight people. He guilt-trips Porsche some more and says he wants to see her compete, and tells Kalia that turnabout is fair play. So who's his actual target, then? Porsche DRs about how pissed she is at being nominated, and wants to stay "so I can kick Jeff off next week." Which she will accomplish by a few limp remarks in the Diary Room, no doubt. Daniele is not thrilled -- not only are her two allies up, but she herself fears she might be backdoored. Kalia vows to lay low and fight for the Veto. Jeff figures the nominees' first move will be to "take a nap," which is fine with him because his ultimate goal is to backdoor Daniele anyway. I knew it!

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