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Racism Will Get You Nowhere

Back from ads, Julie steals my lit fuse metaphor and throws us back into the action. Which resumes with Lydia going into the house and yelling at Jordan, of all people, for her choice of allies, as though Jordan has any idea what's going on. They start arguing about that, and whose nominations Jordan does and doesn't cry about, and Natalie actually kind of impresses me by leaving the room and closing the door to give them some privacy. In front of hundreds of viewers. Lydia gets the last word and storms out, but then Jordan follows her and screams at her, in front of Kevin. Lydia does that "I'm talking, you're yelling" thing, and Jordan realizes she made a mistake pursuing this in front of Kevin, who tells her he won't be cool with her if she's still close to Braden after this. Jordan responds to this by catching flies in her mouth. Her confusion is, I am sure, shared by the viewers who are getting al their information on this house from the broadcast and are thus unaware that Braden called Lydia and Kevin "beaners." But that's going to be happening a lot this hour, in case you find yourself wondering why everyone seems to be overreacting.

Jeff goes into the house to get Jordan's back, but ends up getting double-teamed by Kevin and Lydia for not, I don't know, shooting Braden in the head or something. And then that devolves into Jeff going after Lydia for saving herself when he says she had the votes to be safe anyway. Finally Lydia has had enough, and declares herself "closed for the goddamn day." And then she and Natalie go into the HoH room, presumably to hang with Jessie. Way to make her point.

Jordan decides to approach Laura to propose pulling together seven votes to keep Braden, win the next HoH competition and overthrow the Athletes, unaware that Laura has allied with the Athletes. But Laura's alliance with the Athletes is as genuine as... well, other parts of Laura. So she approaches Ronnie to suggest voting out Chima. Ronnie's clique-mate, who he promised would be safe. Ronnie -- wait for it -- says he's open to it. He has a rationale for this in the DR, but I think his real overarching strategy is to tell whoever he's talking to whatever they want to hear. After doing the math, they're one vote short, so they approach Casey, who enjoys being the swing vote. Or at least he enjoys thinking he is.

With all that fast-moving chaos behind us, Julie's here to slow things down. She asks Russell and Jeff (sitting next to each other on the couch) about their argument earlier this week. Russell makes no excuses, and as for Jeff, he says, "My mother told me if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." If only Russell had followed that advice just now, with "interesting" in place of "nice." Julie blows my mind by asking an actual follow-up question, asking how Jeff's philosophy applied to his fight with Russell. Jeff says he's ready to move on. Julie then turns to Lydia and Jordan (also sitting together) and asks Jordan what set her off. Jordan babbles, and then we're back to some ads. Sorry, Lydia. Julie's follow-up question bumped you off the schedule. She can only be so flexible, you know.

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