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Racism Will Get You Nowhere

When we return, Julie gets on the viewscreen with Jessie for the weekly private HoH interview and asks him to compare his performance to last year. "I'd say the target's a bit bigger than last summer," he cackles, which sounds self-deprecating but you can tell he means his actual physical size. Julie asks who's the brains of the Athletes, and he gives a nod to Russell before taking credit himself. Of course.

Back to the living room and the nominees' pleas for mercy. Braden goes first and is surprisingly coherent about the "good times," the "bad things" he said and the apologies he's made. He sits down. But Chima is not playing, and she stands up, making a rather pointed remark about everyone's short memories. Are we about to hear someone spill a racial slur live? Well, no, because the producers kill the sound when she reminds everyone that he called Lydia and Kevin "beaners," and I can't figure out what she's saying he called Julie. Someone in the live audience groans, and Chima concludes, "A vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot. Anyone who aligns themselves with a racist and a misogynist, you deserve to go home." Dude! Also, way to make it easy for her, Braden. Julie calls that "memorable," and it's time for the vote.

The houseguests go to the Diary Room one by one to vote. First is Russell, who votes to evict Braden. So does Natalie. Jeff votes to evict Chima, as does Jordan, and then they have to go sit with the nominees for another commercial break. Not that I'm complaining.

Kevin's waiting in the DR when we come back, and he unsurprisingly votes to evict Braden. Laura votes to save him, which is not going to endear her to the Athletes when they crunch the numbers (assuming Jessie crunches anything but his abs). Lydia votes to evict him, and Michele votes to evict her clique-mate Chima, for no reason we're given. Casey, who thought he was the swing, votes "to evict Chima's melodramatic behind." Now it's down to Ronnie, the real swing. "I'm going to Hell. I vote to evict Braden," he announces. He returns to the living room, and Julie tells them the vote totaled 5-5. Because it's a tie, Jessie casts the final vote, which is to evict Braden. He's gone. Everyone stands up, and Kevin and Lydia make a big show of scooting away so as not to join the big goodbye.

Braden exits shrugging, and tells Julie over the crowd noise, "We have a lot to talk about." Julie agrees. I'll believe it when I see it. As we watch the houseguests while Braden gets set up for his exit Chenterview, Jessie murmurs, "That's gonna be the awkwardest conversation." Actually, I think it'll be tied for first, along with all the other conversations anybody's ever had with Julie on this show.

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