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It begins with Braden saying it's a crazy house, and claiming not to be surprised to be sitting there. Julie asks who he thinks sold him out, and he's got it narrowed down to Ronnie, Michele and Casey. Julie fingers Ronnie, and of course Braden says he knew it all along. "Good for him. He's a great liar." Julie asks him for a one-word description of the experience. "Discombobulated," Braden says. He couldn't even make up one more word on his way out?

Houseguest farewells. Jeff says he'll see him soon. Russell says it's nothing personal and wishes him luck. Jordan says she tried hard to save him, and to be honest, I didn't think she had it in her to split the house down the middle like that. Kevin says Braden said things he can't take back, "and that's why you're the first to go. Peace!" That was all edited up, probably to protect us from hearing the b-word any more than we already have. Casey says Braden's goofy attitude is probably what sent him home, and Lydia agrees, adding a sarcastic thumbs-up. Julie sends him on his way, without a word between them about whatever word he called her. Whatever that word was, I suspect it wasn't made-up.

HoH competition! It's a backyard game show, with one podium for each clique. The theme appears to be "Homecoming," and it's one of those games where they have to guess how America answers questions about the cliques based on first impressions. And let me be clear: I am not going to waste time on the actual questions or answers, because they have nothing to do with these actual cliques or these individuals. Every question is framed as a chance to reinforce a stereotype, and in each case, America was only too happy to oblige. I think we've all learned nothing from this experience. Anyway, each clique is represented by one player at a time in each round, and after the round, a clique-mate steps up to take a turn at that clique's podium. Get it wrong, you're out. Get it right, you not only stay in but also get to eliminate another player who's in that round with you. Go!

Laura buzzes in first and guesses the first question correctly. She eliminates Chima. That'll learn her to not get evicted instead of Braden. Next round, Julie misreads who buzzes in, but it's Jeff, and he eliminates Kevin. Laura gets her second one in a row right, and boots Russell. Casey goes next, and eliminates Natalie. For the next round, Laura buzzes in early and gets herself kicked out by getting it wrong. Casey wins another round, and eliminates Jeff, which takes the Athletes out of the competition entirely. Lydia eliminates Jordan, wiping out the Populars, so now it's down to Brains and Offbeat. Ronnie beats out Casey, so the last round is between Michele and Lydia. When Michele wins that round, there are two brains left: Michele and Ronnie. Ronnie wins it, so we have a new HoH. And way too much ticker tape and confetti raining down on the yard. I assume that has more to do with the Homecoming theme that they've used to decorate the backyard than any producer favoritism toward Ronnie, but one can never tell.

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