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So now it's going to be Ian against Danielle for part two of the HoH competition. Dan reveals in the DR that he does in fact plan to take Danielle to the final two, but he has to come up with a backup plan in the event Ian beats her in the second round. Which consists of telling Danielle his plan to congratulate Ian, and then Danielle will tell Dan that Ian's planning to take her, fooling Ian into thinking he can't risk sending Danielle to the jury and turn them against Ian. Which will set the stage for Dan to talk Ian into throwing the third part of the HoH competition to Dan. Which would never work for anyone else, but this is Dan we're talking about.

Part two looks pretty simple. The backyard is set up like a city street corner. Danielle is the first to come outside, alone. She reads aloud from the card describing the competition, in which each player will have to clean off dirty "windows" to reveal the faces of former houseguests, and then climb the fake skyscraper to hang them up in their order of departure. The one with the fastest time wins part two and goes up against Dan for part three.

Cut to Danielle in a climbing harness, making her way up the fake building while holding a rag. She starts wiping, but an added degree of difficulty manifests in the fact that some of the pictures are duds. No, not Joe, but images of other random crap that's been seen in the house over the summer. Eventually she starts finding what she's looking for and begins to swing side to side to hang them in place, then scrambles back down to the touch-light to lock in her time and hope for the best.

Then it's Ian's turn, and he's adopted the savvy strategy of just cleaning off the names at the bottoms of the windows first, which tells him whether he needs to waste his time on it. He also seems to have a systematic pattern, and finishes up and locks in his time. Cut to later, when Dan joins them both outside to reveal their times. Danielle finished in seven minutes and thirty-one seconds, but Ian did it in 6:04, so Danielle is out of the HoH competition for good and it's going to be Dan versus Ian in the final round.

But first Dan and Danielle have to stage their fight for Ian's...well, not "benefit," exactly. And given that Danielle's pretty pissed off anyway, she might just pull this off. As planned, Dan congratulates Ian (who's irritated at Dan for being so indiscreet in front of Danielle), and Danielle "demands" to know why they're celebrating. She angrily yells at Ian, threatening to tell the jury all manner of horrible things about him. "I don't respond to threats," Ian says maturely in the DR. He and Dan duck into a room, and Ian's upset about the whole fake situation, as planned. But before Dan can even offer his solution of throwing the third part of the HoH so Ian won't have to evict Danielle, Ian shoots it down. "You need to behave yourself, though, because I can't be dealing with that kind of shit." Ian walks out, leaving Dan to whisper to himself, "Ian, you're going to throw it to me." Should he have added, "young Skywalker?"

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