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Love Is a Poorly Rendered Thing

Outside in the hammock, Chiara asks Roddy how he'll feel if Eric leaves. Hot Rod Lincoln (who has a very unfortunate inadvertent pompadour going on) wants Eric to stay, but can't recommend a veto for fear he'll go up instead. I think the bottom line is that what Roddy is telling her is not to use the veto, but vote out Lisa instead of Eric, which would not necessarily be Kiki's most obvious move. When Chiara asks him to explain to her why it's in her interests to vote out Lisa, Roddy tells her that Lisa is more likely to nominate him (meaning Roddy) than Eric is, and after all, Roddy's Kiki's biggest ally. Isn't Eric, though, more likely to nominate Kiki herself than Lisa is? Now, once Roddy starts to poke her sorority-rush tendencies, Chiara goes into what appears to be a pretty stereotypical and unfortunate bitchfest about not liking the sound of Lisa's voice. In short, as it turns out, Kiki has decided she doesn't like Lisa, so she's ready for Lisa to go -- which is quite a coincidence, because that's just what Roddy told her to do! What luck. Seriously, I think Chiara is by far the saddest figure on this show -- even sadder than Josh, who at least seems blissfully secure that he's found some friends and a girl (and maybe even a cat) who puzzlingly seem to like him for who he is. Kiki is just...trolling for attention and approval, and it's really depressing.

Veto meeting. Chiara, in her pink jammies, ultimately chooses not to veto anyone. (Why? Because Roddy told her not to. Ick.) Gerry explains in the diary room that he wasn't too concerned about the veto being used, because he had given Chiara pretty clear signals that if she used it, he would not be putting up Josh, and that if she didn't abstain from using the veto, she might find herself abstaining from some other activities in fairly short order. As the music dramatically goes BOWM! to demonstrate the seriousness of the impending breakup of Eric and Lisa, a shot of the two of them is actually split in two, with their images drifting to opposite sides of the screen. Wow, way to borrow those Jerry Springer camera effects.

Chiara tells Eric she thinks he and Lisa are mad at her for not using the veto. Eric insists that he understands, and he does a pretty good job of seeming sincere. Meanwhile, Lisa, using a very painful extended metaphor, diary-rooms that if Eric leaves, her heart will go with him, and then she'll be heartless, and then everybody had better watch out, because they'll be able to see right through to her spine. Or something. Wow. That's pretty intelligent, Lisa. Kiki and Eric agree that the situation "sucks" and will "get ugly." More than it is now? That seems impossible.

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