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Love Is a Poorly Rendered Thing

Thursday. Previously, love did not conquer all.

Julie Chen sits in the Chenterview area, wearing what is actually one of her less offensive outfits of the season. Cream-colored blouse with less decoration than usual, slim brown pants...she still looks like she would blow away in a stiff wind, but at least her clothes don't look like she raided a pirate's underwear drawer. And I think her hair is slightly smaller than it has sometimes been. She gravely announces that Eric and Lisa "face an inevitable breakup." She also promises a big twist at the end of the episode. Oh, great. Another twist. Just when my stomach was settling.

On Rehash-o-Vision, blue-and-white Chiara does not veto Eric or Lisa. Again. Then out in the hammock, regular Eric and Lisa discuss their big romantic plans for when all this is behind them. He asks about her apartment. He thinks she needs a hammock for it, because he doesn't really have the room. Chiara Nellie-Olesons up to them as Lisa voices over that despite the non-veto, Lisa is sure that she and Kiki will be friends after they leave the house. Oh, Lisa! Kiki -- pretending she hasn't already declared Lisa dull and annoying -- teases Lisa that she should move to New York, because then they could be buddies, eeeee! Then we hear more of Chiara complaining in the diary room that Lisa wouldn't really fit in with her friends, because her friends are "very unique individuals" (not that there is any such thing as being "very unique") and "not like Lisa." I have a feeling this fact is going to wind up reflecting on Lisa so positively that she will put it on her résumé. Kiki tells Lisa they'll be "like sisters." Yeah. Just like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Then we see blue-and-white Kiki on Rehash-o-Vision telling Roddy again how annoying Lisa is.

Lisa goes on and on about her delusions that Chiara and Danielle are both her pals and buddies and "have [her] back." Oh, good. More back-having talk. My favorite. Interestingly, Lisa predicts that people voting to keep her in the house will be Chiara, Danielle, and Marcellas, meaning that she doesn't know Chiara is planning on knifing her, and she doesn't know that Jason is going to give the boot to her beloved. Danielle tells us that her goal is simple: getting rid of Eric. She's not really aiming for the couples, as it happens -- she's aiming for the power block of Roddy and Eric. Meanwhile, Josh -- who has been working with Danielle but has not yet gotten over the fact that Lisa won't sleep with him -- encourages Chiara to boot Lisa, feeding her a few juicy (and false) tidbits about Lisa having trash-talked Kiki in a conversation with Eric.

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