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Love Is a Poorly Rendered Thing

Back to Eric and Lisa, blah dee blah, they like each other, they both had fun, they both have many words of warmth and artifice that they are anxious to offer. Lisa says that being in the Big Brother house has been the best time of her life. Wow. That's going on the list of the saddest declarations thus far. It's going on the list, even if the list is very short.

Diary room. Voting. Josh, Danielle, and Roddy. Josh votes to evict Lisa, Roddy votes to evict Lisa, and Danielle votes to evict Eric.

In this week's family and friends segment, Lisa's bar colleagues and Eric's fire-station colleagues discuss their prospects and their romance. Lisa's friends are surprised that she fell for Eric so quickly. Eric's friends aren't surprised he managed to land a chick, even in a house with only twelve people in it. Heh. In other news, look! A shiny firetruck!

Gerry's HoH interview goes exactly like the HoH interview always goes, to the point where I seriously do not understand why they continue doing these dumb things. Being HoH is hard, it's heart-wrenching, he likes everyone, he did what he had to do, it's a game, he thinks he did it right...I could not be more bored with these dumb interviews.

Julie promises that the wait is almost over, and that she's about to introduce the famous "twist" we've been hearing so much about, but first, more voting. This time, it's Marcellas, Jason, and Chiara. Marcellas and Jason vote to boot Eric, and Kiki votes to boot Lisa. But first, Chiara actually notes that she was conflicted because Lisa is female and Eric is male, but she and Eric are from the same state. She is really just not bright.

Julie says it's time to talk eviction. What she reveals, of course, is that it's a tie, which throws the whole shebang to Gerry. Gerry makes little fuss about it, and votes to boot Eric. Eric looks very surprised. He and Lisa hug and smooch, and then he prepares to leave. Over by the door, he and Lisa hug and smooch some more. He hugs everybody except Gerry, because of course it's Gerry's fault that he was evicted. Idiot. Three of those other people voted for you, too, you big lug. He and Lisa hug and smooch again, and that is enough hugging and smooching for me. Eric finally leaves, and heads for Julie. Once there, he settles on the couch, and as always, we are taken back into the house while they tech him up for the Chenterview. When we return to him from an especially dull visit to the houseguests on the inside, Eric doles out the basics -- he was surprised to go, he's not happy, and so forth. What's interesting is that Eric takes the position that he was put up originally just to get Lisa, which I don't think is the case at all. Regardless of what was said, I think the intent was always that, no matter what, what was important was getting somebody out of that group of four, and I don't think it was a "decoy" situation at all. In fact, the Danielle/Marcellas/Jason axis wanted Eric out without question from the beginning. Most amusingly, when Julie asks Eric whether Lisa is "the one" (which is really an unfair question for live television), Eric's first words are, "Right now." Oof! That was a mistake. He quickly corrects himself, and basically says yes. I almost believe he's making an effort to be as sincere as he can. He watches his goodbye videos. My favorite part is when Marcellas, looking thoughtfully and somewhat sadly at the floor, says he'll see Eric in New York. "We'll go shopping together," he says, "and cause a minor stir." The Marcellas love has pretty much deserted me, but I do occasionally get that flash of it, and that was a great example. He has a certain defiance at times that I really do like when it seems sincere and not too self-righteous.

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