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Worst Case Scenario

Rachel heads down to the Have-Not room to tell Jordan that there was no deal. Shelly comes in and tells Rachel not to listen to them. In fact, she and Jordan half-jokingly threaten to vote her out if she goes up to the HoH room again.

Shelly's next move is to go to Daniele, who's also pretending Lawon's as crazy as Rachel. The editors give her a little assist by showing Lawon lathering up his entire face. Shelly mentions Rachel's previous visit to the HoH room, and how she was acting like she made a deal when she came back, which she totally wasn't. But Daniele completely believes Shelly's story, and why the hell wouldn't she?

Daniele then goes back to Kalia to relay Shelly's story, and they're both pissed off at Rachel's big mouth, and are seriously considering bailing on the deal to save her. "I will also sock her in the jaw," Kalia threatens. What are the chances that Rachel will get voted out and then have to "battle" Brendon to get back in? And won't they just then battle to lose so the other one can go back? I'm seriously asking, I haven't watched to the end as I write this. (As I revise it, however, all I have to say is...grrrrrr.)

Group Chenterview in the living room. Julie asks Daniele if the twist has affected her game this week. Daniele gives a non-answer about doing what you have to do no matter what. Julie asks Shelly about all the tears this week, and Shelly admits the house makes people crazy, like we hear every year. She adds that they'll try to get Adam crying, or at least make him shave something else. Jordan also talks about her emotional meltdown this week, after almost two weeks of slop and the Have-Not bed. Julie's next question is to Jeff, asking if the game is harder past the halfway point. Jeff's more about comparing this season to his previous season, but admits it's harder.

Moving on: Julie's going to check in with some of Rachel's enemies from last year. First is Ragan, who's grown his hair out. Replay of a couple of their fights, but now they're friends outside the house. They work out and drink together, "which is Rachel's favorite pastime, and believe it or not, I'm going to be in Rachel's wedding party!" I don't believe it.

Matt from last year also shows up, getting a big "Booky" hug from Ragan. They watch some of Rachel's lowlights from the last week, which Ragan describes as "crybernating." Aw, I miss Ragan. He explains that this is her first time in the Big Brother house without Brendon. Scene of Rachel with zit medicine on her chin talking to Brendon through a camera. Ragan compares her to a slasher-movie killer who keeps coming back. Dammit, he's right, as always. And that was all of Rachel's enemies we get to see. What, no Britney? She could usually be counted on to be way funnier than anyone named Britney has a right to be.

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