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Dan You to Hell

Well, no, as it turns out. But it's not really intended to, as we'll see later. After the ads, Danielle is left sitting there with her jaw on the floor. Shane, Britney, Ian, and Jenn gather around her sympathetically, and are right onto what they think is Dan's craven, blatant attempt to save himself by trying to turn the house against Danielle. Well, except stupid Joe, who thinks Dan must have heard something, but Britney reminds them all that Dan went straight into solitary after the PoV so that's impossible.

Dan goes up to HoH to talk to Frank, to execute what he DRs is step two of his master plan (step one having being his funeral): "Go to Frank and blow up the Quack Pack." Okay, that will probably work, actually. He sits with Frank and Frank's carrot costume and does just that, telling Frank that all this time Frank was blaming Dan alone for Mike's demise last week, there was actually a five-person alliance that took him out. Frank is all, "I knew it!" (he didn't) and decides Ian needs to go next. But Dan advises him that Britney's a more dangerous player, and Ian's in her pocket. And thus is a new alliance with Dan and Frank born. Dan says everyone's going to be pissed at him for what he just pulled with Danielle, Jenn in particular. So Frank offers to smooth things over with her, and advise her to use her PoV on Dan. Frank figures now he can boot Britney instead, isolating both Ian and Shane, creating a four-way alliance of Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn. The ridiculous thing about all this is that Dan doesn't even know that Frank and Jenn just became allies, and yet his whole plan hinges on that very fact. The expression "Hail Mary play" may need to be renamed in honor of Dan. Call it a "Hail Mary Dan."

Dan pulls Danielle into the arcade room and tells her it was all an act, and he thinks he saved them both. She's not as grateful as he expected her to be, smacking him with a pillow and saying he broke her heart and that she would have gone home for him. "Can you at least give me a forewarning next time?" she says, with tears still on her face. "No, because then you wouldn't cry," he says, like this is the most obvious thing in the world. Confession: I actually thought the same thing. "You are one sick person, Dan," she accuses, somehow both disgusted and impressed time. Dan explains the next move to Danielle: Frank convinces Jenn to use the veto on Dan, and then Britney goes up against Danielle, whose "sympathy meter is through the roof. Nobody's gonna touch you now." Shit, this is going to work, isn't it? I'll miss Britney, but man, I should never have underestimated Dan.

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