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Bunky Breaks Down

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Bunky Breaks Down

In the Big Blue Chair of Someone Needs His Meds, Bunky sobs that he wants another chance to refuse the offer! He'll pay Big Brother to let him rescind the offer! He'll eat peanut butter and jelly every day for the rest of his life, and make Gregg do it, too! He'll do anything! Anything!

More talking about The Deal in the kitchen. Everyone has sort of chilled, it seems; each houseguest has admitted that they considered the offer. Finally, Bunky walks in from outside, sits down, and admits that he took the deal. No one even seems mad, just glad he confessed. They won't even let him put on his hair shirt and go flagellate himself in the Diary Room. In fact -- and, frankly, I'm surprised by this -- everyone reacts quite reasonably, and seems more than willing to let it go. "Is anyone proud of me except me?" Will wonders, grinning. Bunky admits that he was shocked that Will didn't take the offer. "I shocked myself!" Will agrees.

Diary Room. Will once again enjoys the fact that there are people in the house more evil than he is. I love you, Will, but I still think that's stretching it. There are far bigger hypocrites in the house, but I don't know if any of them are as evil as you are. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Big Blue Chair of Jesus, Bunky, Stop Crying! Bunky sobs.

Outside, everyone agrees that they don't want to make Bunky feel bad, and that no one is angry with him. It'sOnica is actually coherent when she says that she told Bunky if they're all complaining about PB and J, he can't take it personally. It's just something they have to get out of their system. Nicole and Hardly nod.

In the bedroom, Will comforts Bunky. He's really nice about it all. Seriously. "I can't guarantee that I won't say mean, funny things about [the peanut butter deal], but really, don't beat yourself up about it," Will says, patting Bunky comfortingly. Then he hugs him! "What scares me is, I think some of the good parts of you are rubbing off on me and the bad parts of me are rubbing off on you," Will says. Bunky laughs through his weeping.

In the Diary Room, Bunky sobs that Will's kindness made him feel even worse. Finally, because Bunky won't shut up about how bad he feels about taking the deal, Nicole gives him some extra chores. This seems to make him feel better. He furiously vacuums, as if to suck up his sins.

Later, in the kitchen, Will whispers to Nicole that The Deal confirms Hardly's willingness to sell out under the right circumstances. Nicole listens and cleans the fridge. "We all will, under the right circumstances," Will muses.

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