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Bunny Business

Eric tells us that Dick and Daniele clearly are after him at this point, and he tells us he will need to muster some votes if he's going to stay, because he's more than a little hip to the back-dooring plan that Daniele thinks is her "it's in the vault" secret. We now enter my absolute least favorite kind of sequence on this show, which is a series of whispered conversations about strategy that you know mean nothing, because similar conversations will continue until Thursday, so none of this has any meaning at all, what with the tendency of opinions to shift from day to day. Like, they're showing people talking about who's getting the boot, but they could just as easily have them discuss a Mets game, because it will mean just as much to the outcome. In round one, we watch Eric and Jessica approach Amber and Dustin about the backdoor business (dirty!), and it appears that Dustin and Amber are not down with Dick and Daniele making a new plan that doesn't involve getting rid of Jen or Kail. Jessica, who's sort of the double agent in this group since Dick and Daniele are also talking to her, asks what the Amber/Dustin/Eric trio wants her to do. Dustin and Eric tell her to just play along with Dick and Daniele. Dustin and Amber thank Jessica for ratting out the father and daughter, who are rapidly becoming the creepiest people on this season, and possibly the creepiest people, when considered together, in the history of Big Brother.

Now, Eric approaches Jameka and tells her about the plan to backdoor him over the Nick issue. At first, she seems disbelieving, but he explains it more, and she makes a lot of "mm" noises, as she is wont to do. That's how she understands stuff. Later, Amber and Jameka talk, trying to figure out whether the plan to abandon the booting of Jen and Kail is a sensible one to support. There is much unrest. And whispering.

Zach chats with Daniele about the game in her HoH room, and he complains that all his friends are gone, though he acknowledges that Daniele herself is "pretty decent." I don't know how she doesn't just fall right into his arms at that moment. Daniele complains back that all the other terrible guys made her vote Nick out, and she was really sad about it, too. Zach thinks Nick was "shafted," and now they're bonding over how they've both been mourning Nick's death. Oh, you didn't hear? Nick is totally dead. He is lying moustache-up in a purple coffin that he thinks is pimp, and he doesn't care if you think he's gay. Zach promises that he'll do whatever Daniele wants with the veto if he wins it, and he generally offers to work with her. She merrily DRs that she's excited about using Zach because of their "Nick bond."

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