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Bunny Business

Bunny Jen prepares for the veto ceremony by talking about how much she loves seeing people who hate her not getting their way. To the show's credit, they don't try to build a lot of suspense over whether she's going to veto herself or not. She calls the meeting together, and when everyone is there, Jen lets Kail speak for herself, and Kail says she wouldn't ask Jen to sacrifice herself, since she earned the veto. Jen happily vetoes herself again, and she throws it to Daniele to nominate someone else. To absolutely no one's surprise, Daniele nominates Eric, accusing him of "setting up" Nick, which never happened, and I'd love to see her face and Dick's when they find out that they made this whole thing up and spent the week congratulating themselves for "figuring it out." The meeting is adjourned. Eric says they're all just jealous because he's a threat, and he swears that Dick and Daniele are dead, while Kail frets and Dick yells and hollers in the DR about how awesome it all is. How long is this season again? Jessica says that she thinks she's going to get her ass kissed a lot this week, because she would appear to be the swing vote. Indeed: Dick, Jen, and Zach will vote to keep Kail; Dustin, Amber, and Jameka will vote to keep Eric. What will Jessica do?

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