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Bye Bye, Bueno

Julie gives the nominated couples a chance to make their cases to stay. Amanda apologizes to everyone and asks for another chance for her, and especially for Alex. Who uses his turn to tout his own truthiness. When Natalie and Matt stand, Natalie says that she doesn't want to go back to "the Beaver State," which is about the fifth time I've heard her make that "joke" about her Oregon home just on the air. God knows how many times she's trotted it out beyond that. Matt does the best thing he could do, admitting that everyone has to make a "wicked hahd decision" And who would want to kick out a guy who says things like "wicked hahd," after all?

Time for the vote. Adam and Sheila go to the DR to vote first. Julie reminds us that Adam is still on board with Operation Condor, and sure enough, they vote to boot Amanda and Alex. Joshuah and Sharon go to the DR next, and they vote to evict Alex and Amanda as well. So that's two out of three voting couples; the decision is made. Ryan and Allison go through the charade of voting last, and in the DR, they make it unanimous. Wow, that was tension you could have cut with a banana.

Once everyone's settled back in the living room, Julie tells Alex and Amanda that they've been voted out, 3-0. There are about twenty minutes of hugs and goodbyes (it's all live!). Julie finally tells them to knock it off, and Alex and Amanda head out the front door to meet Julie. Inside, Matt and James agree that they're even now, not that I get what Matt did to James or what James did for Matt to square things. And by the time the remaining ten houseguests get to the memory wall, Alex and Amanda are already in black and white.

Julie says that Alex blamed Amanda for the nomination, but since he didn't campaign to stay, is the eviction his fault? Alex uses the ever-popular surplus-of-awesomeness defense to explain his eviction. As for Amanda, Julie says that Amanda campaigned hard, not that we saw any of it. Julie asks if his feelings for Amanda got in the way of the game. Alex denies it. Because that's how awesome he is. Smell you later, you two.

Time for the taped farewells from the remaining houseguests. Allison tells Alex and Amanda that they never got to know her, and that hurt her feelings. Awww. Ryan tells them they had it in for him and Allison all along. Joshuah tells Amanda that she added some excitement to the house, and apologizes for the things he said. Natalie says that Amanda was her closest friend. Matt promises to avenge Alex, and to make sure the people who evicted him will be gone. I'm pretty sure they will be eventually, one way or another.

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