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Bye Bye, Bueno

So now it's time for the HoH competition. The remaining four couples (not counting outgoing HoH couple James and Chelsia) are in game-show configuration in the backyard. The quiz is going to be about the love-related literary quotes hanging on the walls all over the house. The women will all play first to determine the female winner, and anyone who gets a question right gets to eliminate someone else. Sharon runs away with it, eliminating first Allison, and then Sheila on the first two questions and dinging Natalie on the last one despite mispronouncing "Dostoevsky." Men's turn. The way this will work is that the winning male will go up against Sharon to determine who gets HoH. Ryan is in the game for about five seconds, buzzing in to guess that the quote "If I love you, what business of it is yours?" is from Oscar Wilde. That's actually a decent guess, and I would have gone with that option if I didn't know from watching the show that it was actually Goethe. I guess I can't fault Ryan; I've been writing about this show three hours a week, whereas Ryan has only been living in the house for the past five hundred hours or so. Anyway, Ryan's out. Joshuah takes the lead, recognizing "Love is a battlefield" as a trick question, because it's from Pat Benatar and not on the walls at all. He also gets the last one right, and that's a full sweep, putting Joshuah and Sharon in the HoH spot for the week. I'm trying not to be surprised at the evidence that they're the only ones in the house who read, but it's not going too well for me.

Back from the ads, Julie talks to a jubilant Joshuah and Sharon, who say they spent some time studying the quotes on the walls. Sneaky fuckers. Julie then turns to Matt, who crows about Boston beating New York, and then has to bring it right down to talk about how much he'll miss Alex. Julie plugs the upcoming week of episodes, promising a big surprise for next week's evicted couple. I can't wait, can you?

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