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To Backdoor or Not to Backdoor

After the competition, Kevin tries to act the pathetic loser so that Jeff doesn't consider him a threat. As the only other person still left in the house who's never won-HoH, Natalie's right there with him. Later, in the red room, Kevin and Natalie have a whispered discussion about their chances of making a final four deal with Jeff and Jordan. Natalie seems to think it's worth a shot. Since her angle is that she and Kevin are more trustworthy than Michele and Russell, I think she has a point.

Jeff's HoH room isn't much of a departure, except that Jordan looks pretty disenchanted that he used to have a bowl cut when he was a boy. Deal-breaker?

Outside, Jordan and Michele talk to Jeff about the Hawaii trip he won, and how she'd like to go along. Jeff says he's "not just making out" for seven nights. They kid each other about it, except it's the kind of kidding that's not that funny. Jordan, if you want Jeff to take you to Hawaii, you might just have to give up the booger.

Unsure of where he stands, Russell wants to "clear the air" with his allies, Jeff, Jordan, and Michele in the HoH room. Jeff asks Russell about Kevin's "lie" that Russell and Michele where scheming to turn on Jeff. Which, again, wasn't a lie, but Kevin and Natalie don't know that, so it still kind of is. Russell reasonably points out that Kevin and Natalie would have their own motivations for saying that. Unfortunately for Russell, Michele doesn't really back him up. Jeff agrees with Russell that Russell wouldn't have any reason to do that. For now.

But later, Jeff and Jordan are alone. Jordan doesn't trust Russell, so Jeff suggests they work it all out right now. So Jordan goes out and ambushes Russell in the hammock, telling him about the stuff she's heard about him. Russell stays calm (for Russell), saying he never said that, but admits to Jeff that he'd try to take him out in a final four situation. That doesn't seem to calm Jeff's nerves as much as they might hope.

Jeff waters the vegetable garden, and the music gets all porny as Kevin and Jordan ogle him. That's all.

Michele and Russell discover the churros & chitlins add-on to their slop for the week. That's all.

Natalie plays poker with Russell and Jeff, and when Jeff wins the hand, Russell and Natalie jump all over each other. That's all. Oh, if only they'd completed the HoH competition during Thursday's episode, we could have had even more of this pointless crap.

Russell and Michele sit out in the backyard late at night, wondering what Jeff is going to do and whether there's anything they can do about it. Michele decides to approach Jeff to see what's what. She goes into the HoH room to confirm the plan, and Jeff tells her what she wants to hear, although he DRs that it's really up to him in the end. Jeff does let these things go to his head. Michele reports the good news back to Russell, who still has his doubts, to the point where he's expecting to be nominated.

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