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To Backdoor or Not to Backdoor

Michele talks to Jeff about her job as a neuroscientist, which he doesn't really get. She explains about the competitiveness in her field of research, and how it means she and all of her coworkers work in their underground lab, seven days a week, and never go outside. Which is how she can just disappear off the face of the earth for three months.

Kevin and Natalie make their move with Jeff, stating their case that they've been loyal to people throughout the game (just not Jeff), as opposed to Michele and Russell, who haven't been loyal to anyone. Jeff seems open to it, and he tells them the first step in their plan to evict Russell: he's going to nominate Kevin and Natalie. Then whoever wins the Power of Veto, they'll use it and Russell will be backdoored. Sounds like a solid plan, provided Russell doesn't win PoV. Which means Russell will win PoV.

Jeff takes this to Jordan, and also mentions a plan B: put up Russell and Michele to cement their new alliance with Kevin and Natalie. All Jordan cares about is that Russell leaves ASAP. All these machinations are too complicated for such a simple girl.

Nomination day. Russell is worried, and DRs that if he were in Jeff's position, he would nominate himself and Michele. Too bad he isn't in Jeff's position, because then he'd be safe this week. Michele DRs that if Jeff saves them, it shows they'll be in the final four together. Natalie hopes that Jeff sees the advantage of getting rid of Russell, and Kevin says he and his one remaining alliance-mate may be about to be picked off.

Jeff calls the nomination ceremony. He congratulates everyone on making it to the final six, and pulls Russell's key. Michele's key is next, and of the three people left to fill two nominee spots, Jordan is the smiliest non-safe person I've ever seen on this show. Of course she gets the last key. Jeff tells Kevin and Natalie that he nominated them "for no other reason than I just don't like you as people." He's kidding. That's actually a little funny. Actually, he supplies plausible reasons that should convince Russell and Michele that their alliance is still solid, but those aren't any more true than the original ones. But Michele and Russell seem reassured.

Jordan DRs that Jeff did a good job of keeping it light, Natalie DRs that she's still hoping that Russell will be the one to leave, and Kevin bemoans the end of his non-nomination streak. Russell seems to be relieved that his alliance is "somewhat" intact, but Jeff DRs that he just wanted to make Russell feel safe, even thought Russell may be leaving the house on Thursday. Then maybe Jeff should ask Kevin and Natalie to quit smiling so much right after they got nominated. I'm just saying.

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