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The Secret's Out -- Sort Of

Kathy comes to visit Rachel and Brendon in the HoH room to do herself a little damage, which she does. Oh, wait, she was doing damage control. Or at least that's what she meant to do. I think she actually succeeded in that first thing, though.

In the storage room, Hayden tries to talk Kristen into talking to Rachel, but she doesn't want to be like everyone else and suck up. "Didn't you come here to win?" Hayden wonders. Like that's going to happen either way. He tells her he'll kill himself if she goes home this week, which is pretty different from what he told the Brigade. So up to the HoH room goes Kristen. But not to apologize, but to insist that she was never "gunning after" them. Rachel is still insisting that Kristen told her she would nominate them, and Kristen is still denying it. This looks like it's going to escalate into a whole new argument, but Rachel admits that she's very emotional. While Kristen describes herself as "rational" and ready to take into consideration anything Rachel does for her. Although she's careful not to state anything explicitly. For all the good being implicit has done her up to this point.

When Brendon finally returns to the HoH room, Rachel says she's not sure what she wants to do. Brendon accuses her of "falling for" the "emotional card." In the DR, Brendon admits that he's pretty frustrated with her. Oh, Brendon, just make her do your bidding like last time. Better yet, make out with whoever you want to go home; after all, getting between Rachel and her man is a hanging offense. Or rather, having Rachel think you're getting between her and her man.

Pre-nominations, Hayden is saying his best-case scenario is for Kristen to go up against Kathy, because then he's safe and can maybe save Kristen. Wouldn't a better case scenario be for Kristen to not go up at all? As for Kristen herself, she DRs that she's 99.9% sure she'll be nominated, and can only hope she's not up against Hayden. Kathy thinks she'll be nominated just for getting some Kristen on her. And while loading the key box, Rachel says she could potentially piss a lot of people off. "This game is so haaaard!" Whatever, Rachel. You're pissing people off just by continuing to draw breath. Might as well go big.

She's still in her cop outfit when she begins the nomination ceremony. The first key drawn this week obviously belongs to Brendon. Hey, have you noticed that they've added a little metallic sound effect every time a key comes out, like a sword is being drawn instead of a cheap scrap of cardboard. Brendon is followed by Britney, Ragan, Lane, Enzo, Matt, and Kathy. So Andrew's work is done; the alternate showmance of Hayden and Kristen is up. Rachel tells them that she fights every day. "And frankly, I haven't seen you two fighting. Furthermore, you're gunning for me and Brendon, so bring it on."

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