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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

Julie then turns to Natalie, and remarks on everyone's disappointment that she hasn't had a total meltdown in Matt's absence. Natalie says that even though she still misses Matt, it's actually easier to play the game in his absence. I can see that; she's not all distracted by having to try and please Matt and following him around all the time. Julie's last question to Natalie: How many letters in Matt's last name? Natalie counts in her head and comes up with eight. Oooooooh, there's that number again. Although I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get to hear the contingency line Julie had scripted in the very possible event that Natalie had miscounted.

There's an inane question to Sharon about her "furr-iends," and then we're off into a bit about "A-Baller." What more do we need to learn about a guy who claimed to be called "The Hooded Warrior" in the first week of the show? Not much, as it turns out. We learn that Adam is secretly a real softie. His family claims that he's not really as kooky as he seems, and his brother explains that the secret to understanding what Adam is talking about when he gets particularly mush-mouthed is to pick out a few words from his incoherent rants and then put it all together. A subtitled bit of Adam saying, "Bro blah coast blah got it all blah everywhere blah love blah" demonstrates the concept, with the editors filling in the missing words themselves. And who's going to tell them they're wrong? I bet the subtitle guys on this show lobbied for Adam's casting, knowing they'd be racking up lots of sweet, sweet overtime.

Julie interviews Adam in private via the HoH viewscreen, and her first question is about where Sheila stands with him. Adam says he was only joking about putting her up to get a rise out of her, and Julie noticed that it worked. What do you know? She then asks if Adam was telling the truth last week when she asked if he would have voted Alex back in if he'd known it was him instead of James. I love how she keeps exhuming the rotted corpse of that failed twist, two weeks on. Elvis hasn't been dead that long. Anyway, Adam admits that he would have, but lied because James was sitting right there. Now Adam is worried about James, especially if James wins HoH again this week. And he doesn't even know that James has sworn to get Adam back "tenfold."

Adam returns to the living room, and Julie gives the nominees a chance to speak for themselves. They both say they want to stay, but Chelsia goes on to add that she didn't change for anyone, but she's so obnoxious about it it's like she's saying, "Please boot me!" Time for the vote, as if there's any suspense left at all at this point.

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