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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

Natalie goes to the DR first, and happily votes to evict Chelsia. Joshuah unhappily makes the same vote. So does Ryan, in a relatively neutral way. So that's Chelsia out. Sheila also votes for Chelsia to leave, and so does James, making it unanimous. Should be a good moment when Julie announces the vote tally. After the ads, that is.

And we're back. Julie breaks the news, and Chelsia stands and tells everyone to stay where they are. But she's got some parting words first. "Adam, get a backbone in this game. You're playing like a baby. Sheila, you've been rode hard you will be put away wet. Natalie, educate yourself, you need one." Kind of undercut her last point at the end there. Joshuah goes in for a hug, and she says she loves him. She whispers some instructions to him. Surprisingly, she lets James hug her, although she tries to back away when he starts kissing all over her. But when she finally manages through a superhuman effort to break free, she goes back for another hug before leaving. On he way out, she says, "Blow this house up." Capital idea! "Real mature," Sheila says when the door closes behind Chelsia. Yeah, everyone needs to decompress a little after that exit.

Out on the Chenterview bench, Julie asks Chelsia what she whispered to Joshuah. She says it was just something about not psyching himself out before competitions. Well, that's disappointing. That's why I hope nobody ever tells me what Bill Murray whispers to ScarJo at the end of Lost in Translation. Julie then asks Chelsia about her "two live speeches," (read: bitchfests) and asks how she felt about not getting a sympathy vote from James. Chelsia claims she expected it; she didn't want James to make the same mistake she did. She says she played with her heart too much, including her vote to bring James back. Well, certainly nobody will accuse James of doing that. Now that he's voted against Chelsia, everyone in the house will like him again.

Goodbye messages. Joshuah promises to take out Natalie and Adam. Sharon wants to stay friends. Natalie tells Chelsia that she's been praying for God to open up her eyes and help her quit hating on people, causing Chelsia snickers. God's like, "Yeah, I'm all over that." James's farewell message to her is nowhere near as tearful as hers to him, and he says that being with her is worth more than $500,000 anyway. Which is why he Vetoed himself and not her. Oh, wait, except he did the opposite of that. After that's over, Chelsia is crying again. Julie asks her about the chances of a romance with James outside the house, and Chelsia isn't committing to anything yet. "We'll see," she says. She wants to watch this season with him first. So which do you think will be the deal-breaker: James's "raging bitch" comment in the DR, or his career in gay porn?

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