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The game begins. These clues are actually pretty tough, and includes things like who was a Have-Not during bok choy and baby food week, or who only competed in two PoV competitions. I don't know most of that crap. Hayden's going one clue at a time, Britney's laying hers out on the ground, Lane can't even remember who he nominated when he was HoH last week, and Enzo's using a trial-and-error strategy that I'm thinking is going to bite him in the ass. As they read the clues, an additional level of difficulty is added by the fact that some clues apply to multiple people but others only apply to one. That doesn't stop Enzo from rushing through and hitting his button, but he only got three right out of eight. But then Hayden hits his button, and the long pause before the sound effect tells us he won it. And then the sound effect tells us he won it as well. Bye-bye, Britney, who doesn't have a single one in place. Even without the PoV, she thinks she's still got a chance, but Lane has already decided to cut her loose for the sake of the Brigade. Clearly I underestimated the Brigade. Somehow. I'm still trying to figure out how.

Afterwards, the Brigade sit around in the kitchen, and Hayden chalks his win up to luck. He's not just being modest; he's just angling for a top-two spot. Hayden wonders what they'll tell Britney, and Enzo wants to tell her about the Brigade right now. "She's my only vote," Lane protests weakly, but Hayden says he plans to out the Brigade when he declines to use the Veto on Britney. And Lane feels like he can't protect Britney without arousing further suspicion from the Brigade and putting himself at risk. Enzo decides they'll tell her that night.

After a transition shot that shows the moon ominously going blood-red, Britney watches in the HoH room as Enzo asks Lane what he's going to do. They talk about Hayden's very first HoH win, and Enzo remarks that it was a team effort. That segues into a bizarre, loaded discussion about team and group efforts over the summer, as Enzo asks Britney of there were alliances. Britney duhs, "Brendon and Rachel. Matt and Ragan." Lane asks Enzo who he was with, and Enzo confesses he was in an alliance. "With Matty," Britney guesses. Have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool that one. Enzo says there were two other people in his alliance. Enzo and Lane cackle while Britney devours her fingernails until they break the news that they were in a four-person alliance that dates back to Day 2. She doesn't seem to know how to react, Enzo continues boasting, and Lane looks uncomfortable. Hayden enters and learns that Britney's been brought up to speed. But she still doesn't seem to get it until Hayden tells her, "I'm glad you won the ten Gs yesterday." In other words, "So long, sucker." Around a mouthful of denial and fingernails, she asks if she's definitely going home, and Hayden says, "I'm not gonna use the veto." "That's it, you know what I mean?" Enzo says coldly as Britney's face crumples. Stupid Lane is just sitting in his chair like a lump. It's Hayden who apologizes and gets up to go to her, but she's not going to hang around in here. Tearfully, she says, "How does it feel to know that you just wasted three months and you have no shot at five hundred thousand dollars, it's the only reason you came here?" Well, yeah, it sucks, but that's true of everyone else in the jury house, too. Enzo tells her she's an awesome player to have gotten this far, which she gets, but she needs some time alone. Or in the DR, where she sobs about having gotten played and feeling stupid. And she's pretty pissed at Lane, who she says has been lying to her this whole time and isn't her friend, and doesn't care if she's alive or dead. "All I am is just another idiot who was part of his bigger scheme." Well, it wasn't really Lane's scheme. She says she doesn't want to talk to any of them, and voting for any of them will make her sick.

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