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Lane goes to follow her despite Enzo encouraging him to stay, DRing that seeing Britney that upset was like seeing one of his good dogs die. Dude should write greeting cards. [So he doesn't get upset when his bad dogs die? And why does he have bad dogs in the first place? I was, and still am, very confused about this.-- Angel] And now he can't even tell her that he wanted to take her to the final two, because he's got to suck up to the Brigade.

Lane goes into her bedroom and asks to talk, but all she'll say is that she's really mad, especially at him. "I never lied to you," Lane lies. He keeps pushing it, but she's shut down and just wants to go to bed. "I don't want nothing to change after this," he says as he leaves the room. Nothing will -- I'm pretty sure she's going to stay engaged to Nick now.

After the ads, Julie throws it to the live Veto meeting, the last one of the summer. I love lasts on this show. Julie invites Hayden to stand and make his decision. He tells them they're both awesome people, and with little ado says he's not using the veto. Julie lets Lane be the first to make his case to Enzo, who will be casting the one vote. Lane starts by making a shout-out to his friends and family at home before sucking up to the three other houseguests and telling Britney he'll miss her whatever happens. Britney's speech is pretty much the same, although she says that even if she couldn't be an original member of the Brigade, she's glad to be casualty of it. I liked it better when she hated them. Enzo compliments both nominees, and offers Britney's fiancé Nick one shot to punch him in the face after this, because he's evicting Britney. She hugs all three guys and says she'll see them in a week before heading out.

Britney shakes hands with everyone she passes in the studio, carrying a shoulder bag that's big enough to hold another Britney. She certainly had plenty of time to pack. Inside the house, the final three celebrate, and Enzo especially appreciated Britney's shout-out to the Brigade at the end. Who's voting for whom at the end, anyway?

In the studio, Julie remarks to Britney about how sweet she was to everyone during her exit, but Britney admits that she sure didn't feel that way when they told her about the Brigade. She calls it her worst day in the house. "Were you feeling angry and betrayed?" Julie asks, and Britney says she considered refusing to vote for anyone at all. I would have liked to see that. Julie asks why Britney didn't believe Ragan when he let her in on his suspicions of another alliance in the house, and Britney basically says she thought she was in on it. Britney even forgives Lane, saying that she thinks Lane wanted to be with her in the final two. Of the game, if not on earth. And if that's not a scary thought, I don't know what is.

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