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Meanwhile, Sheila and Adam take an instant dislike to each other. She's over forty, he's hideous, they're both shallow, and they're going to be sharing a sleeping bag. It's a volatile situation.

Time for the first competition, and this is high-stakes time, because one couple will win sole power to evict another couple in a JUST A FEW HOURS! Because the writers' strike is just about over, after all, and CBS needs to get this mess out of the way for some actual TV ASAP. The houseguests head out to the back yard to find seven rose-petal-strewn beds lined up, with each couple's name on signs at the foot. For the competition, one partner will be suspended over the partner lying on the bed, and they'll hold onto each other while they're both lifted back into the air. The couple who stays up the longest gets to be the first "Power Couple." And a chill goes through my bones as I realize I'm going to have to type that phrase for the entire season. Sharon and Jacob are already bickering again -- this time about who's going to be on top. Everyone gets into position, lying on top of each other and wrapping themselves around each other. They get winched up, and dangling commences. Ryan sweats on Allison, who takes it like a champ. Sheila can't stand being close to Adam, and she quickly lets herself drop. Joshuah drops Neil next. Amanda realizes that she's the heaviest girl there, and gives up shortly thereafter. Sharon gives up a few minutes later. That may have something to do with the fact that she and Jacob argue the whole time.

With four couples left, Julie adds to the degree of difficulty by daring them to try to pick up the pillows on the beds far below them, which, if the winner of the competition ends up with one at the end, is worth $10,000. Most of the remaining couples try for it, but not Matt and Natalie. With considerable stretching, Jen manages to snag hers. Allison does too, but she drops hers, and falls herself a few seconds later. It's been forty-three minutes and change. Chelsia nabs a pillow, but the effort has cost her too much and she can't hold on, even as James grits his teeth at her. When she hits the bed, James throws the pillow in her face. That leaves one couple with a pillow and one without. So Jen and Parker make a deal with Matt and Natalie not to evict them if they give up. That's Jen and Parker as the winners.

So now they're going to have to decide who's going to be leaving in the next few hours. Ryan thinks he's safe, since his girlfriend is in the Power Couple and all. But Parker seems to have other ideas, seeing Ryan and Allison as a threat. So will Jen be able to protect her boyfriend without tipping her hand? Will she bother to try, or would it be easier just to let him go and drop the pretense? And can you wait until Wednesday to find out? Can you?!??

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