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Cut to the flashback of Porsche winning the PoV competition instead, completely contrary to Rachel's plans. Rachel is convinced that she's the target. Back in the house, Jeff reminds Porsche that he saved her by vetoing her nomination, but Porsche unrepentantly reminds her that he also evicted Daniele. Porsche goes in and does a little dance in the storage room. Flashback to Porsche not using the Veto during Thursday's show. During a commercial or something, Jeff makes sure he's going to get Adam's vote. Then he goes to Shelly to try to secure hers as well, but Shelly just wants to be a victim about Jeff's (completely justified) mistrust of her. He actually begs her for another chance while Julie's calling them into the living room. Then, after the vote, when Julie announces the two-two tally, Jeff turns to Adam and accuses him of not voting for him. "I did vote for you," Adam says, because Shelly's been babbling so much she actually convinced Jeff she was still going to vote for him without actually saying so. But of course it was Porsche and Shelly who voted Jeff out. And then we get to re-watch Kalia evict Jeff.

Rachel says she's shocked at how now she and poor little Jordan are all alone in the house. Replay of Jeff hugging people goodbye, making snarky little remarks about people's character (keeping it classy), and Shelly says she did this for her family. Jordan says that on an anger scale of 1-10, she's currently at a 20. "Now I gotta go out like a yo-yo in this stuff," Jeff snits, the final insult having to walk out to the live studio audience in his athletic gear, never having even gotten a chance to pack. He rises to it, though, slamming through the door like a five-year-old on Day 55. Inside the house, Jordan and Rachel are at a loss, while Porsche and Kalia rapidly buck up Shelly. Adam admits right away to Rachael that he voted to evict her, which Rachel doesn't care about, because she and Jordan are too grief-stricken. Adam is too, but at least he confines it to the DR.

Jordan, Rachel, and Adam go and hole up in the purple room to wonder what just happened. Jordan is especially mad at herself for trusting Shelly, particularly after giving up her call from home for her a few weeks ago. Yeah, we knew that was going to come up.

Kalia finds Shelly and tells her, "There's no crying in Big Brother." Shelly sobs to her and Porsche about what she did for her family. Meanwhile, Jordan is bitching about Shelly, who of course barges in after listening outside the door, which is becoming her pattern. Well, her secondary pattern, the primary one being the way she keeps blowing up alliances from the inside. Jordan and Shelly get into an actual screaming match, with bleeps and everything, which is not surprising until you consider the fact that when we first met Jordan she was referring to sex as "booger." Rachel physically drags Jordan away, even as Jordan hollers over her shoulder at Shelly the whole time. After finally stashing Jordan in the most distant possible bedroom, Rachel tells her, "Jordan, this is not you!" This isn't Rachel either. Where's the obnoxious chick who gets off on stirring shit up?

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