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Later, Amy and Marcellas share the big chair in the diary room, bitching about being nominated. She's angry because it appears to be all about her, in a way other than the way she likes, while Marcellas is angry because people keep getting booted when they're supposed to be the "decoy." (Well, "keep" in the sense that it's happened twice.) "These people are horrible," he says gravely. "These people are awful." Oh, come on now. He did the same thing when he was HoH. Nominating people is part of the game; what exactly did he expect? He's crying now. For God's sake, Marcellas, pull your damn self together. I realize it's hard to be jerked from the power position to the chopping block, but it's not like you couldn't have seen this coming. It's always awfully difficult for me to sympathize with anyone who believes they've been wronged because they've been nominated. It's like going to a pancake breakfast and resenting the syrup.

Reactions continue. Roddy is nervous about Marcellas perhaps nabbing the veto and taking out Amy, and Josh is sad that he might lose Amy, whom he has cast as his personal marionette. Amy says she will "kill" to win the veto. Yawn.

Wednesday. Previously, the world continued spinning on its axis. But just barely.

Amy and Marcellas play cards, and she mutters that she knew she'd be nominated. "I'm not stupid," she drawls. More of her and Marcellas sitting in the diary room and bitching. Roddy comes out, sits down with Amy and Marcellas, and tells them he's sorry. He tries to make chatter with them. He says he may have "made it sound too harsh" in his nomination speech, but he was just speaking his mind and he hopes they understand. Amy complains bitterly in the diary room about Roddy, and about Chiara, and about...well, just about everything, because of course, nothing is ever Amy's fault. It's always everyone else's fault. Amy never does anything objectionable. Haven't you heard?-She's on the right side of the good-girl/bad-girl Impenetrable Wall of Puritanical Judgment! Don't worry if you missed it the first time. She'll tell you all about it -- four hundred thousand times a day. I couldn't be more done with Amy.

Roddy retreats to the HoH room, and Chiara comes in to see him, to the strains of provocative guitar twangs that can, quite frankly, mean only one thing. That's right -- cattle-rustling. But I kid. She crawls in bed with him and tells him what a good job he did with the nominations. Amy and Marcellas -- who aren't being petty and jealous at all -- sit in the diary room talking about how "manipulative" and "monopolizing" and "trashy" Chiara is. Oh, put it in a note, spray it with Love's Baby Soft, and stick it to her locker, Saved-By-The-Belle. Back in the HoH room, Roddy tells Chiara that he feels bad. He particularly feels like a prick for having said it was Amy's "time to go," and he's pretty much right for feeling that way. Chiara reassures him that he did fine. Of course, she's looking at the departure of Amy, who is the head cheerleader to her prom queen or the Minnie Mouse to her Daisy Duck or what have you, so she's not exactly winning any journalistic awards for objectivity. Chiara diary-rooms that she did have some input into the nomination decisions (what a surprise), and some Eric footage makes it even a little plainer: he says flat-out that Amy is getting the boot because of the "soap opera" between her and Chiara. Perhaps not strategic on Roddy's part, but not difficult to understand. Call a guy's girlfriend white trash, and he's not likely to want to be your friend. Live and learn, my little mint julep.

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