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Marcellas talks about how personally Amy is taking her nomination, and someone in the editing room is not a big Amy fan, because they show endless footage of her here, lying on a bed in the Aquarium Room, literally stuffing handfuls of shredded cheese into her mouth. Now, don't get me wrong -- we've all had those moments. I'm not judging. (One of mine was in law school, lying on my couch, eating Häagen-Dazs, and watching, as I recall, Loveline.) But this is not flattering Amy footage. We knew she liked the cheese, but...damn. Marcellas comes looking for her and finds her and her cheese. "It's not the best image I've ever seen of you," he says dryly. "Amy, we really have to do this high-end." "I know, Marcellas," she says, and shoves some more cheese in her mouth. He gives her one last scolding, finally rouses her from her pouts and whey, and gets her to go outside with him.

Marcellas and Amy sit in the hammock together, and Roddy comes over and sits down with them. "Have I said I feel bad?" he asks. Amy says he has. There's a pause. "Roddy, we can't make this feel better for you, but you really need to go away from us," Marcellas says, waving his hand away. He refuses to "pretend like this is fine." Amy laughs hysterically, because acting like an ass to people who already obviously feel bad is quite possibly the funniest thing she has ever seen. ["I might question how bad Roddy actually feels. That initial 'Guys? I'm soooooooooooorry' didn't strike me as the soul of sincerity." -- Wing Chun] Seriously, coming from Marcellas, this is unbelievably unfair and hypocritical. You'll recall that Marcellas did precisely the same thing to Tonya after he nominated her -- went to her and forced her to tell him she understood why he nominated her and she wasn't angry. You'll also recall that he was lying, in that he told her he loved her and didn't nominate her for any personal reason, at the same he was diary-rooming that he'd rather get rid of Josh, but he didn't like her either. This moral high ground that Marcellas and Amy are trying to occupy is about ten inches underwater, so I hope they have their hip-waders. I certainly wouldn't watch this show without mine. Is this what he meant by "high-end"? Roddy basically tells him this -- that it's hard to believe Marcellas has already forgotten how crappy he felt when he had to make nominations. Roddy goes inside and tells Chiara and Lisa about it, and from the way he describes it to them, I really think he was intending to be sincere and was stung by the way they acted -- I mean, he does have that sort of Judd-Winick-esque way of acting all most-mature-guy-in-the-house, but...he sort of is, so I'm a bit more forgiving than I might otherwise be. He says unhappily that the one good thing to come out of it is that he no longer feels bad about putting Amy and Marcellas up for eviction. Sigh.

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