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Of course, predictably, now that Marcellas has acted like an ass to Roddy in public, he goes to Roddy in private and -- wait for it -- demands that Roddy listen to his explanation. Sheesh. He basically bitches that he's afraid he'll get evicted, and that's all there is to it. It boils down to little more than "How dare you nominate me? I might get booted!" Welcome to the game, sweetheart. It's no different from what anybody else does any other week, except that it's you this time. Roddy reassures Marcellas that he truly doesn't intend to have Marcellas go, but he agrees with Marcellas that if Marcellas were to veto Amy, he'd probably send himself home. Marcellas wants to understand why Amy was nominated, and Roddy tells him again -- she's not a very nice person. Marcellas diary-rooms how unfair this all is, because of course nothing is Amy's fault. Amy's "not the one who's running around being evil." Right. Remember that Wall of Puritanical Judgment? Marcellas sort of believes in it, too. Interestingly, Roddy tells Marcellas that he intends to boot Josh at some point, and talks about the reasons he doesn't like Josh, and this seems to make Marcellas happy. Roddy annoyingly insists that Marcellas acknowledge that Roddy cares a lot about him. Marcellas laughs and giggles, but he doesn't really believe it. The most prominent thing in this scene, however, is Roddy's bald spot, which is so prominent, in fact, that it very nearly has orange cones around it and a guy waving flashlight sticks in its direction.

But enough about traumatic conversations and hair loss -- now, it's time to enjoy those delicious Subway sandwiches! Amy's sandwich (no one who grew up near Philadelphia would ever call those things "subs," ever, ever) has three kinds of cheese on it. Are you still enjoying the cheese joke? Because it never gets old, you know. You can't have enough of the cheese humor. "That's not just one little piece of food, that's a full lunch!" she says happily. Lots of Subway-eating ensues. They certainly do have the product placement cranked up to the North Pole.

And now, we get a lengthy sequence which is incredibly stupid in concept but very amusingly edited. The idea is that Tonya and Lori slept in the same spot in the Big Bed in the Big Bed Room, and now Marcellas is preparing to occupy that same spot. So now, everyone wonders whether that spot is cursed. Because two is a curse, you know. Marcellas is also nervous because his picture is on the same shelf with Lori's picture and Tonya's picture. He attaches actual importance to this. Hee, what a goof. Anyway, their explanations of how this bed might be cursed are underscored with that oo-woo-oo scary haunted-house music you can buy on a cassette tape at Walgreen's for three dollars anytime in October, and there are extra helpings of that mood-enhancing blue-and-white footage. There is also some effective use of the world's cheesiest scary camera effect, which is flashing back and forth between regular images and flipped-negative images, like lightning. Oooh, scary! The memory wall -- is it cursed? Marcellas -- is he sleeping in the Bed of the Damned? The editors -- are they bored out of their skulls?

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