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So Chiara, as it turns out, enjoys nothing on earth so much as talking about her sex life. In great detail. And then talking about it some more. And then talking about it some more. Amy -- with Marcellas rolling his eyes behind her -- points out that Chiara has called herself a whore "on several occasions," although if you look at the clip they show of this phenomenon and look at the other footage in this segment that's from the same conversation, she certainly appears to be doing it sarcastically on this particular occasion. This, Amy claims, is the origin of Amy's lovely and oh-so-mature habit of calling her "Chi-whore-a." Oh, Amy, go suck a Georgia peach. Anyway, the boundaries-ignorant "Kiki" (ew) tells stories in the living room about having honey licked off her, and about group encounters, and about her ability to achieve orgasm, and about streaking, and so forth. She seriously could not be tackier if she were half-dried paint. Anyway, Amy is back on her patented high horse in the diary room, talking about how sad it was to realize that Chiara obviously has no self-respect. Unlike Amy, who is going to be a model of self-respect through this entire episode. Let's watch!

Marcellas, much as he loves Amy, tells us that he does not agree with the things Amy says about Chiara, and he lays it out straight that much of Amy's problem with Chiara, at the root of it, is that Amy wanted Roddy and Chiara got him. Which has been painfully obvious, but it's nice to see that even Amy's friends recognize what her true issue with Chiara actually is, and self-respect certainly has very little to do with it.

At any rate, Josh and Roddy (unsurprisingly) think Chiara should talk about sex just as much as she wants. Lisa just thinks she's a "free-spirited person," and Danielle thinks it's just for fun. Eh, I suppose. What did I take away from that segment? Chiara is stupid, and so is Amy, and neither of them is stupid in the way the other one thinks. It's all very baffling, which is not all that surprising when everyone is stupid, I guess.

In the Big Bed Room, Amy and Marcellas lie in the dark and talk. She doesn't want to leave, and he is still convinced that it can't possibly be that everyone actually wants to evict Amy, so he's continuing to overthink, wondering what the big secret plan is. Psst, Marcellas? They really don't like Amy. That's the secret plan. And now there is some talk of the veto, because Marcellas thinks the best way to spare Amy is for Josh to get the veto. Meanwhile, Roddy tells Josh that he told Marcellas that vetoing Amy would probably send Marcellas home in her place. One of Roddy's interesting strategies is that he often tells people the truth at times when they might not expect it. It's like the trickiest misdirection of all, because there's so much scheming that people don't notice that he's just telling them the truth a good four-fifths of the time. Josh says, "I can't expose myself as going against what Roddy's plan is," which I think is his way of saying he wouldn't use the veto if he got it. Just the sound of Josh's voice saying "expose myself," however, gives me such deep full-body shivers that I think my bones are cracked. In the Big Bed Room, Amy vows to veto Marcellas out. In the diary room, Marcellas vows to veto Amy out. On the basketball court, Josh takes strategy tips from Eric. Man, talk about the blind leading the blind.

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