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And now, the one interesting storyline this show has going for it, which is that it turns out that Danielle and Jason have had a simple, low-key, two-person alliance going on from the beginning of the show. They haven't really done anything yet -- at this point, they're laying low and gathering intelligence. I have to give them both credit, because this is a better piece of play than I thought either of them really had in them. Danielle says that she aligned with Jason because he has "God on [his] side," which I find sort of an eye-roller, but other than that, this is sort of interesting. Jason, in particular, shows a side not previously evident. He's sharp enough to see that Chiara is Roddy's weakness, because she takes him out of the game, and puts him in "boyfriend mode." That's at least partly true. At any rate, Jason and Danielle do a lot of low-key whispering about their fear of Roddy and their intent to turn the Marcellas-Amy faction against the Roddy-Eric faction. Jason tells Danielle that as much as he likes Roddy, he thinks Roddy has to go because he's a threat, and that if Roddy were nominated, Jason would vote him out.

Cut (nice!) to Roddy, who diary-rooms that he trusts Jason completely. Oh, completely. "There's almost no chance that Jason is playing the game, and he's really not the person he's showing." Ha! "And if it is, I would be so in awe of him for pulling that over on us." Double ha! As arrogant as Roddy can be, I do appreciate the fact that he has respect for good play, even when it's not his own.

Danielle and Chiara chat. Of all the dumb and boring filler in this show, this is the dumbest, boringest, and fillerest. Basically, Miss Kiki goes on and on and on about how much she adores Roddy, and she pretty much gives it up to Danielle that she's reached the testing-his-last-name-with-yours phase, where you start wondering what kind of dad he would be. Ow. In a month? On television? Ick. They discuss the fact that Roddy is cute, smart, nice, and funny, and they have the "excuse me, since when do they even make that guy?" conversation. I know it well -- "I know they have that guy in the catalog, but I didn't know they actually carried him!" The other lowlight is that Chiara says, "I hope that Roddy and I's relationship continues outside of the house." Excuse me, "Roddy and I's relationship"? Well, I suppose that's what you have to expect from a girl who can't spell "oar."

And now it's time to reveal the winner of the America's Choice question, which was about which houseguest should get to take another houseguest of their choice to a private dinner. The winner is...Marcellas. He could pretend to drag out the suspense, but he's taking Amy, and everybody knows it. They chirp happily as he takes her hand and pulls her up off the couch. We see them get ready for their big date -- he dresses up, she curls her hair -- and then they enter the diary room, which is where dinner is being served. It looks nice, with flowers on the table and lots of seafood. They gossip and talk, and she drinks. And drinks. And drinks. Oh, Amy. She talks and talks and talks about herself, her nomination, her image...pretty much anything directly related to the amusement park that is Amyland is fair game. But you may not leave Amyland. There is no exit from Amyland. Amyland is locked from the outside, and only Amy has the keys. Marcellas tries to divert her at one point by telling her that he wants to go back to school -- hey, Amy, that's interesting! -- but she ignores him and starts talking about her bad luck with boys, yappety yap. Marcellas diary-rooms, somewhat painfully, about this issue. In short, he says that Amy doesn't take an interest in what he has to say, and it makes her hard to be close to. They toast themselves, but it's sad, both because this is their last week together unless the veto comes into play, and because Amy sort of spoiled it by getting drunk and acting like...well, herself. As I've said before, it's not that we haven't all done this, but it is a habit Amy's going to want to break at some point. She's going to look back on things like this and realize that however they would have gone, good or bad, she would have liked to have been there for them, and she wasn't.

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