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Thursday. Previously, Subway was the best sandwich ever!

Julie Chen sits on the sofa in an ice-blue blouse and shiny vinyl goldenrod pants. The blouse is her usual slouching-peasant style and the pants have a lot of genuinely weird stitching and gathers. I think Julie's pants use recycled material from the chairs in a dentist's office. She recaps everything they just showed in the previouslys.

Marcellas bitches again about the "decoy-gets-the-boot" problem. Shut UP. "Why me?" he moans. "I'm cute, and I'm walking around all sweetness and light, and I keep getting nominated, and I don't know why my reward for everything is, like, being on the block." Yeah, that's pretty much why, right there.

Amy talks to Jason about her feeling that she's being "set up" to be evicted unanimously, which she calls "cruel and tacky." She says she understands that it's not meant maliciously, which is sort of contrary to the whole "cruel and tacky" thing, but I'm way past looking for consistency at this point. Amy says it would be nice if she could "have something." Which "something" has no conceivable meaning other than Jason's vote. Marcellas claims in the diary room that he's not worried about Amy campaigning to avoid unanimous eviction. Then we see her curling her hair, as she voices over that in all her life, "there's nothing [she] can remember wanting that [she hasn't] gotten." That, if true, explains a lot, because that is horrifyingly unhealthy. Then we see her talking to Marcellas and Gerry about how she knows she's being voted off, and then after she walks away, Marcellas mutters, "The longer that girl stays, the more she gets on my nerves." Oh, thank you so much, Captain Loyalty of the S.S. Upstanding. Later, Amy goes and begs Josh for a vote. He winds up telling her that he is going to throw her one. "I'm gonna start something," he says meaningfully. She joyfully high-fives him. Pardon me, Miss Amy, if I make a comment here about lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas. Or, in Josh's case, worms. Amy is apparently unaware that Josh is the hangnail on the hand of the entire house -- the solanine on the potato chip, the squirrel at the bird feeder, the blue-ringed octopus in the aquarium, the Autumn In New York on the résumé, the Boston Common on the Thursday-night schedule, and the cheap baby's breath in the basket of flowers. Uch.

Lots of chatter among the couples about distrust of Josh because he wants to vote for Amy, winding up with a shot of Eric and Lisa lying in the hammock under a pink blanket. She turns and kisses Eric's impeccably shaved pec. "I can't believe how beautiful you are," she says. He doesn't say anything, but he turns and looks lovingly at his bicep. No, he does. I also have to agree with those on the forums who have noted that he appears to squirm in surprise, which says very unfortunate things about something going on under the blanket, I fear. Do they make Eyeball Cleaner? I'll take a case. And a half.

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