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Talk between Josh and Chiara. I have no use for either of them, so this is a good time for me to crack my knuckles and make other ergonomic adjustments. Ah, that's better. "The guys have to understand that the women cannot be trusted," Josh tells us. He twitches as the faces of his old girlfriends flash against the blank screen that is the frontal lobe of his brain.

Marcellas explains that he's unhappy about the presence of Josh, which I think is a little easier for him to take because I think he's very nearly jaunty about the absence of Tonya. I don't think he plans to miss her from a personal standpoint. And since the pool isn't really deep enough for anyone to require a flotation device, they should be fine without her from a practical standpoint. Also, she was a fire hazard. Marcellas goes on to say that he and Josh have "made an uneasy peace," after Josh kept himself in the house through "sheer will." No, actually, Josh kept himself in the house because he was such a pitiful dink that Roddy thought it was advantageous just to let him hang around, and because Tonya went all Fisher-Price My-First-Diva on Amy and Marcellas in front of everybody, and because Amy let envy get the better of her. Sheer will was really not the issue. We see Danielle tell Chiara that the reason she voted to boot Tonya was that in addition to the confrontation Tonya had with Amy, Danielle doesn't have any respect for Tonya "as a mother." Well...I don't either, but I don't think that's why Danielle voted her out. (The folded-cuff denim pedal-pushers Tonya was wearing during the confrontation with Amy would have been a good reason for voting her out, though.) The moral reasons for voting are getting a bit silly. Nobody wants to say "This was my vote, and my reason was that I thought it increased my odds of winning $500,000, so if you're mad at me, you can go suck soap." That would have been cool. Chiara whines for a while that Tonya never should have been nominated at all. The injustice! The pathos! Oh, my darlings, the very Susan Hayward of it all! Danielle diary-rooms that it's all about the money, better them than her, and so forth. Oh, look at that. She wasn't moralistic about the boot, and I didn't actually like that any better. She also refers to the money as "five hundred Gs," which annoys me. That does it. Everyone sucks.

Blue-and-white Roddy wins HoH. He says that he was really happy to win, and it's a "freebie" for him this week. This is actually his first strategic misstep, in my opinion. I think Will was on to something in ducking HoH all last season. Any time you're HoH, you inevitably wind up with at least one person in the house when it's all over whom you nominated but didn't successfully evict. In fact, the way it is now, with the veto, you potentially have two such people. I'm not sure about putting yourself in the position of nominating three people of the nine that remain other than yourself.

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