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Danielle diary-rooms that Roddy is a "huge threat." Said huge threat wanders into the HoH room to check out the goods. I'm distracted by what he's wearing, because it's sort of an unusual choice. He's got a black long-sleeved shirt on and these tan low-slung flares...I can't decide if I like it or hate it. It looks like the way your uncle who you secretly thought was kinda hot would have dressed in about 1972. As Roddy and Eric check out the room, Eric tells us that having Roddy as HoH is swell for him, because Roddy is his "#1 ally in this game." Hey, look! They've given Roddy a Beethoven CD in the HoH room, among other things. Tragically, it's not the Fifth, because if he had been able to do that idiot nomination ritual while blaring "DUM-DUM-DUM-DUUUUUM!" from his headphones, that would have brought the whole thing to new levels of synthetic drama. "I'm here this week," Roddy diary-rooms. "I have a pretty good idea who I want out, who I'm not afraid to offend, and who I need to solidify support from." Now, like him or hate him, that is how a strategist talks. He and Chiara sit on the hammock discussing how he feels "like a king," and then she tells us that she, too, was thrilled that it was Roddy who won. Counting Josh, who reacted with obvious excitement, that makes three people who think the idea of Roddy as HoH is the most bestest thing ever! Yay, Roddy is HoH! And he's going to make recess longer and make the teachers give less homework!

Amy looks right into the camera and says, "Chi-whore-a hates me..." Ugh. Go away, Amy. Pack up your cheese and your tiara and your Puritanical declarations of moral superiority and go home. Chi-whore-a, indeed. When you let competition over men drive you to call women they like better than you "whores"? Step back. God. She snots that Roddy should make his own decisions and not let "other people" influence him. You know, because of petty personal issues. This is, of course, nothing like the way Amy tried to bribe Josh to nominate Chiara because of petty personal issues. Yep. Totally different.

Outside, Chiara leans on Roddy to put Amy up, but he's relatively tight-lipped about his plans. "The bloodbath is gonna start," he says gravely. Yeah, yeah, and then the dead feed upon the flesh of the living, and the screams of the innocent haunt you in your dreams...just another season spectating at America's favorite real-time psychology experiment. I've got the Junior Mints -- who's got the air horn?

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