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Marcellas and Danielle meet in the Big Bed Room. He asks her if she thinks there's a chance Roddy will put him up, and she says yes. He diary-rooms that he's afraid he'll be put up by Roddy to avenge Chiara's tooth-gnashing about Tonya's early exit. He tells Danielle that he made it very clear to Roddy that he thinks "the people who should be nominated are the people who are threats." So much for nominating people because they're not making the game "beautiful," huh? There is no beauty left. It's all filth, I tell you! Filth and deceit and peanut butter!

In the HoH room, Roddy bends over to put what I think is his laundry basket behind his big chair, and this shot is basically there for you to appreciate those pants and all they have to offer, if you know what I unfortunately mean. I apologize. I think the problem is that his butt is actually less butt-like than most of the rest of these people's entire beings, so I am oddly drawn to it. Gerry comes into the room, appearing to have been summoned. He has a seat and closes the door. Roddy asks him whether, if Gerry isn't nominated this week, he'd be willing to consider himself to owe Roddy a favor. Gerry says yes. Roddy tells him that in that case, Gerry's not going to be put up. Translation: Roddy was never going to nominate Gerry, but he knew Gerry thought he might, so why not get mileage out of it while you can? No point doing this routine with anyone who feels safe (it would only alienate them), or with anyone you're going to nominate, but with the people you consider and decide not to put up? Yeah, this is how you play them. Outside, Marcellas compares Gerry to the "prison bitch," going around to the various big guys and begging for mercy. It's so appropriate that he makes this snotty comment while Amy sits there brushing her hair a hundred times. I've lost all the love for them. If there's anything worse than tacky people, it's tacky people who think they have a monopoly on class. He goes on to say in the diary room that he won't do what Gerry is doing -- go and "beg for [his] life." He's "bigger than that." Certainly his opinion of himself is bigger than that. It's looming over me right this minute, panting and drooling.

Josh and Amy (who certainly do fill a room with their gargantuan egos) sit and discuss what Roddy is going to do. Josh says he feels safe at last, and they both hope Gerry will be nominated. They're both stupid, so they're boring. NEXT!

Roddy and Eric talk in the HoH room about the fact that they like Josh, but that he's so paranoid that he's grating on them. No, he's really grating. He's grating like a Pampered Chef mandolin. Just then, the Grater comes in to sit with them. He's wearing little slide-style bedroom slippers, which make him look like he stole Ward Cleaver's feet. He thanks Roddy and Eric for helping him stay in the house, and talks about how great it will be for the three of them to be "the three." Roddy diary-rooms that he's keeping his strategy close to the vest, because alliances are shifting constantly, and "people are starting to defect," so he's making "the best deal possible" and "playing for the very last week of this game." I actually think that's the biggest challenge of the whole game -- figuring out how to balance your short-term interest in staying in the house this week with your long-term interest in allowing people to vote for you in the very, very end if you're one of the final two, because that will limit the amount of outright backstabbing in which you'll want to engage.

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