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Deeee, da da da deeeee...Okay, now I am convinced that this music is being used to intentionally hysterical effect, and that makes it much easier for me to take. Again, it's Roddy and Chiara in the hammock, liking each other. Chiara diary-rooms, however, that Jason also holds "a special place in [her] heart." The music slams to a vigorous tango (which is actually pretty funny), and now she's lying in the hammock with Jason, attempting to corrupt him. He tells us that he's never met anyone quite like her, and I think it's safe to say that's probably the case. Amy busybodies that Chiara's being "all over Jason" annoys her. Because it is totally her business, after all. Shut up, Amy. ["Eh. It annoys me too, and I'm not even there." -- Wing Chun] As Chiara fiddles with Jason's toes, he comments to her, "I've probably never had a girl play with my feet." So if you're worrying that Jason doesn't encourage this whole thing that goes on between him and Chiara, you can pretty much put it down right there, because nobody tied him down and forced him to make that remark, which had no purpose except to encourage her. So he's doing just fine. He diary-rooms that some of the things she says make him "turn fifteen shades of red." Of course, if you haven't seen or read about the live feeds, this remark will not make complete sense to you; suffice it to say that probably the major thing you get from the feeds that you don't get from the show is that Chiara has an extensive and extremely explicit vocabulary that she has a way of using to extremely distasteful effect. Remember that girl at slumber parties who just had to tell you the story about her older sister, and how she and her boyfriend did this THING in his CAR where he...and then she...? Yeah, she's that girl. And she still does it, unfortunately, lo these many years later. Anyway, Jason points out that Chiara says things at other times that are "wonderful" and make him feel terrific and cool. Back in the hammock, they chat some more about sex, and he completely and totally plays along and flirts right back with her, which is good to see, because it would sort of suck if she were actually victimizing him.

More of Jason, Spokesperson for Virgins Everywhere. Danielle asks him whether the girl he marries has to be a virgin. He pretty much tells her that he would prefer it, but if the girl is cool enough, he's not going to pass her up because of "a mistake she made," and that's kind of the big ick. He saves it, though, by turning to Chiara and snarking, "Over and over and over again." Ha! Chiara in the diary room: "There's no better person to have a crush on me than him." Gosh, that's not how I was thinking their relationship worked at all, but...I don't claim to understand these people very well. I could be wrong.

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