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Gerry and Marcellas have a dull chat to the effect that Roddy is sure to make a strategic and well-considered decision. They talk about the fact that, from their perspective, the most important thing is to get after "the couples," because they're in the process of solidifying into a foursome that will have an awful lot of power in a short time.

Amy tells us that she's optimistic about Josh's report that he has a secret plan that would keep Amy safe for a while. Josh promises her that it's "brilliant." Amy continues that if Roddy nominates her, it will "look like he fell prey to outside influences like Chi-whore-a." Good grief, Amy, graduate from the tenth grade already, would you? Josh, in the diary room: "I can get Amy to do whatever I want. She will vote the way I tell her to vote; if she gets Head of Household, she will nominate who I tell her to nominate." You know, I once knew of a college dorm where there was a "Do Not Date This Guy" list kept by the girls in the building. I always thought it was a hideous idea, pretty much totally inconsistent with about five different abstract notions of fairness I have, but when I see guys who are as unsettling in the way they talk about women as Josh is, I start to understand why such lists are invented.

Josh goes to the HoH room and starts in on Roddy again about how Lisa "defected" and needs to get the boot. Roddy diary-rooms that Josh has a new theory as to who should be nominated "every fifteen minutes." Well, or he keeps wailing away at the same one every fifteen minutes, I guess. Josh diary-rooms that he wants Roddy and Eric to "stop thinking with their cocks and start thinking with their heads." Or start thinking with the squirming twelve-legged demons residing at the bases of their brains, living off their spinal fluid, the way Josh does. If I weren't so devoted to non-violence, I might suggest that Josh needs anger-management classes, in the form of being sucker-punched by members of the WNBA until he screams like a little girl.

Almost time for nominations. The music appears to be what you get if you turn the intro from Sinead O'Connor's "Jealous" upside down and remove all the interesting orchestration. Everyone stresses out. No one wants to be evicted, no one feels safe, yada yada. Roddy gives the usual "nominating people is the most devastating thing you can experience, aside from scurvy" speech. He pulls everyone into the house to hear what he has to say. And now, the endless and painfully boring nomination mumbo-jumbo, in which he stresses that he hopes everyone understands that he's a very, very nice guy. Because he is a very, very nice guy. Really. And don't you forget it. When all the keys have been plucked, the nominees are Marcellas and Amy. Roddy says that he nominated Amy essentially because she's selfish and nasty, and although she's capable of putting that aside for short periods of time and being a lot of fun, it ultimately doesn't change her underlying attitude, which remains that she is a little better and more important than everybody else. Now, I'll grant that the speech is extremely patronizing (he tells her how important it is to be a nice person, yecch), but I also think that it's pretty much right on, and that she deserved it, and that he means it, to a great degree. Roddy turns to Marcellas and says that he nominated Marcellas because Roddy knew that if he didn't, Marcellas would support Amy, and Roddy wants Amy voted out. Ouch. Probably the right move if that's what he wants, but that's gotta hurt both of them.

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