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Dick Moves

Kail is half trying to sleep when Jen comes in to chat. They talk a little bit about Dick's complete lack of caginess in his intention to get Kail booted. Jen says that may work in Kail's favour, and Kail seizes on that, asking how it could. "I don't know," shrugs Jen. Ha! You know, if you're going to bullshit people by telling them what they want to hear, at least be prepared for possible follow-up questions. Kail asks if the rest of the houseguests don't think Dick is God, and Jen waves that off as ridiculous. Talk turns to what will happen when the game gets to the jury phase, and Kail states in no uncertain terms that no one will want to go up against Mike, Nick, or Zach. But just as she's warming to this theme, the door slides open and Mike enters, and it's lucky for Kail that she's in night-vision because she is not good at covering for having just been talking about him. Anyway, Jen says she assumes that Mike doesn't want to be picked for the Veto competition the next day, and Mike shrugs that he wouldn't mind, and would be willing to take one of the nominees off the block if he won. Both Jen and Kail act like they're about to blow him, but he tips his hand (or we just don't see the entire conversation) when he tells Kail that she's been nothing but loyal to him. Kail recaps their agreement: all three will play hard for the Veto. Good idea!

Later, it's Dick's turn to interrupt Kail's sleep. He starts out all nice, asking if she's okay and taking her hand; she says it's hard, and he gravely intones, "I do know." But soon enough, it's time again for Dick to lay into Kail, telling her point-blank, "You're not a very good player." Kail takes a deep breath, lets pass her impulse to cold-cock him, and tries showing her soft underbelly, cooing that her life is in his hands. He retorts that her life is in her own hands. Kail says she has no one in the house, but Dick isn't so sure, and says that if she survives the next vote, there's nothing to say she and Mike won't form another alliance. Kail lies that she doesn't know where she is with Mike -- "friends, I'm assuming" -- and doesn't know what's up with Jen. Dick says that he doesn't regard Jen as a threat, nor does anyone else: "And that's why you have such a low chance of staying, if you don't get POV." Kail tries to butter Dick up by saying that the voting houseguests will do what Dick wants, but Dick blithely tells her that everyone else wants her out, too. Okay, why did Dick initiate this conversation? He doesn't want to help Kail. He doesn't want to give her false assurances to calm her down. He is just straight-up mentally abusing her -- apparently for his own sadistic pleasure -- and she's too craven, as a nominee, to call him on it. It's actually kind of uncomfortable to watch. But of course it isn't over yet, as Kail prefaces a revelation by asking Dick not to tell anyone he heard it from her. "Sure," says Dick casually. Kail says that Jen is going after Daniele. Dick is unconcerned, saying that Jen won't be around much longer (see: Will, Evil Doctor), and that in a head-to-head competition, Daniele would kick her ass. Kail quietly pleads, in light of her announcement about Jen, for another week. "You went after me," says Dick, who isn't playing on a personal level. He tells her she has no chance of staying in the game unless she wins the Veto. You know, in case she wasn't clear on that yet.

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